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“Effects of different kinds of substrates on the SM plastic

No description

Nigo olegario

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of “Effects of different kinds of substrates on the SM plastic

“Effects of different kinds of substrates on the SM plastic bags”
by Inigo Olegario
Paolo Olango
Jules Pamisa
Al Nuska

Background of study

survey conducted by Ecowaste Coalition and Greenpeace on the composition of discards on manila bay in 2006 found that 51% were plastic bags,19% sachets and junk food wrappers, 5% Styrofoam, 1% hard plastics,10% rubber, 13% biodegradable wastes.

Biodegradable bags are bags that are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. Every year approximately 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide.

The sm mall chain started shifting biodegradable plastic bags for its supermarkets and department stores
Biodegradable plastics are degradable plastics on which the degradation results from the action of naturally occurring micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi , and algae. These plastics are broken down into water, carbon dioxide, methane and biomass primarily through enzymatic action on microorganisms.Biodegradable will fully disintegrate in six months or less. It turns into powder and blends with the soil after a few months
Statement of the Problem
Will exposing the sm plastic bag into loam ,compost soil, tap water,
affect the biodegradability of the sm plastic bags?

if sm plastic bags will be placed in different substrates over a period of time, then its biodegradability will be affected.

Significance of the Study
This project is significant because it helps discovers us what is the substrate that can easily decompose the plastic. so that we can lessen the number of plastic waste in the world....
The researchers selected this topic to know what are the substrate that can decompose faster so that we can decompose biodegradable plastic bags faster.

to determine the effect of different substrates on the biodegradability of SM plastic bags.

3pcs ”3x4” SM plastic bags
500g loam soil
500g compost soil
500mL tap water
Weighing scale

1.We cut the SM plastic bags into 3”x4”sizes strips.

2.We labelled the plastic strips into
C1, C2 for compost soil,
L1, L2 for loam soil,
and T1, T2 for tap water Treatments.

3.We then determined the initial weights of the plastic strips in grams using the balance.

4.we put the plastic in the soil and jar for water treatments.

5.after two months we then checked the initial weights of plastic

substrate 20 days 30 days 46 days final

compost- No physical change -No physical change -Crumpling of plastic

loam -No physical change -No physical change- Crumpling of plastic

tapwater -No physical change- No physical change -Change of color

Data and results
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