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Argument Paper

No description

Zoe Cordova

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Argument Paper

By Zoe Cordova Pick A Topic Develop a Purpose Form an introduction Refine your argument Inquire on a topic that interests you

Collect information and material on the Idea

Analyze and value the complexities of the topic
What motivates you to write?

Determine what you are trying to accomplish

Who will be your Audience?
Develop a thesis to include in your introduction and tightly focus your argument.

When developing your introduction use techniques such as narratives, quotes, or surprising statements to draw readers in.

Closely read and analyze text

Respond to ideas that complicate your argument

Consider counter arguments and address them

Consider implications of your argument

Use primary and secondary sources when finding your evidence. Argument Essay Carefully consider the progression of your argument & pay attention to transitions from one paragraph to the next

Keep paragraphs focused on one idea

Demonstrate your points rather than simply stating them

Write clearly paying attention to sentence structure, punctuation and vocabulary Form your essay Conclude your essay Convey a sense of completeness and closure to your topic.

Conclude without cutting off, you want to give your readers a reason to think about your idea.

Do not simply summarize your essay and avoid phrases like in conclusion to and finally.

Use techniques such as connecting the first paragraph of your essay to your last.
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