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Kiss Me Kate

Kiss Me Kate

Kellie Wessel

on 22 May 2012

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Transcript of Kiss Me Kate

Book by: Bella & Samuel Spewack.
Music and lyrics by Cole Porter.
Produced in 1948.
Revived in 1999
Based on a book.
Movie version made in 1953. SUMMARY A musical version of Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew." It is a play-within-a -play situation. In the beginning the cast is on stage getting directions instructions from Fred Graham, the director. Fred takes the roles of director and male lead, Petruchio. His ex-wife Lilli, who is a movie star with a reputation for being difficult to work with, plays Katharine, the shrew. Fred's current love interest, Lois, plays the role of Bianca, and the other man in Lois' life, Bill, plays the role of Lucentio. Bill is introduced with a gambling problem. He tells Lois that he signed a $10,000 IOU for a debt in Fred's name, instead of using his own name. Not long after Lois begs Bill to stop gambling, two thugs show up at the theater threatening Bill of the consequences if he doesnt pay up. But they confront Fred instead of Bill, since Fred's name is on the gambling debt. Fred and Lilli discuss their other performances together, and their warm feelings for each other return. When Fred sends Lois flowers, they end up being mistaken as Lilli's, which makes her fall more in love with him. Lilli finally discovers that the flowers Fred sent her were actually intended for Lois, and she screams offstage. Lilli threatens to walk out of the show, but is forced to stay. Fred convinces the two gangsters that he will be able to pay them the money he "owes" them, if they can make sure Lilli continues to play her role. The gangsters put on costumes and become part of the cast of "The Shrew" to stay close to Lilli. Lilli uses her anger toward Fred to express herself as Katharine throughout the show. When the gangsters call their boss to 'check in,' they find out that the boss has been killed. Not needing to get their money, they leave the show. Lilli takes the opportunity to walk off the show, and leaves with her dependable fiance Harrison. As "The Taming of the Shrew" comes to a close, Lilli unexpectedly returns to the stage, and in Katharine's words expresses her intention of returning to Fred. Lilli and Fred are reunited, and Lois and Bill are together. In the "The Shrew" production Bianca Can't get married till her anti-men sister Kathrine does. So lucentio and "Tom, Dick, or Harry" want Bianca. So lucentio tells Petruchio that Kathrine is wealthy, since he wanted to marry into wealth. So he fights for her affection, eventually winning it over. Petruchio marries Katharine, and beings to miss his single life. Bianca and Lucentio get married. Ending Shakespeares portion. Sets and Props: MUSIC: 17 original song; 19 total.
one was added when the movie came out, the other for the revival. DANCE: 1948-1949: 5 Tony Awards for Musical, Authors, Composer and Lyricist, Costumes and Producers
1999-2000: 5 Tony Awards for Revival, Orchestrations, Director, Actor and Costume Designer AWARDS: ACT ONE
Scene 1 Stage of the Ford Theatre, Baltimore
Scene 2 The corridor, backstage
Scene 3 Dressing rooms of Lilli Vanessi and Fred Graham
Scene 4 Padua
Scene 5 Street scene, Padua
Scene 6 Backstage
Scene 7 Dressing rooms of Lilli Vanessi and Fred Graham
Scene 8 The Church ACT II
Scene 1 The stage door alley
Scene 2 Before the curtain
Scene 3 Petruchio's house
Scene 4 The corridor, backstage
Scene 5 Dressing rooms of Lilli Vanessi and Fred Graham
Scene 6 The corridor, backstage
Scene 7 Before the safety curtain
Scene 8 Baptista's Home ACT ONE
1 Another Op'nin' Another Show: Hattie and The Company
2 Why Can't You Behave: Lois Lane / Bianca & Bill Calhoun / Lucentio
3 Wunderbar: Fred Graham / Petruchio & Lilli Vanessi / Katharine
4 So in Love: Lilli Vanessi / Katharine
5 We Open in Venice: Fred Graham / Petruchio, Lilli Vanessi / Katharine, Lois Lane / Bianca & Bill Calhoun / Lucentio
6 Tom, Dick or Harry: Lois Lane / Bianca, Bill Calhoun / Lucentio, Gremio (First Suitor) & Hortensio (Second Suitor)
7 I've Come to Wive It Wealthily in Padua: Fred Graham / Petruchio and The Men
8 I Hate Men: Lilli Vanessi / Katharine
9 Were Thine That Special Face: Fred Graham / Petruchio
10 Cantiamo D'Amore: The Ensemble
11 Kiss Me, Kate: Fred Graham / Petruchio, Lilli Vanessi / Katharine & The Ensemble

12 Too Darn Hot: Paul and The Ensemble
13 Where Is the Life That Late I Led?: Fred Graham / Petruchio
14 Always True to You In My Fashion: Lois Lane / Biancax
15 From This Moment: On Harrison Howell & Lilli Vanessi / Katharine
16 Bianca: Bill Calhoun / Lucentio & The Ensemble
17 So in Love (Reprise): Fred Graham / Petruchio
18 Brush Up Your Shakespeare: First Man and Second Man
19 Pavane: Lois Lane / Bianca, Bill Calhoun / Lucentio & The Ensemble
20 I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple:
Lilli Vanessi / Katharine
21 Kiss Me, Kate (Reprise): The Company CASTING: Fred Graham / Petrucchio
Lilli Vanessi / Kate
Lois Lane / Bianca
Bill Calhoun / Lucentio
Harrison Howell
First Man (Gangster)
Second Man (Gangster)
Harry Trevor / Baptista
Jeane (Ralph)
Cab Driver
Featured Dancer
Men's Ensemble
Women's Ensemble Dialect, is part modern, part shakespearean. Content: It's a pretty mature show. I wouldnt recommend for children or middle schoolers. Shakespeare alone was a pervert. :) Costumes: Also clothing from the 40s-50s. Even somewhat modern could work.
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