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Brian M

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Pirates

Pirates They are the scurvy thieves from Pirates of the Carribean But.... Did pirates really go away? well.... No, not at all. But who says all pirates are boys? but for now... today, pirates still exist, there are only a few differences Old pirates: long and careful attacks New pirates: quick and overnight attacks New pirates: Attack small, isolated ships and take the crew Old pirates: Attacked ships based on observations and took valuables New Pirates: have high-tech equipment Old pirates: had sails and wooden ships in fact, some of the most famous pirates were women unlike men, women were much less likely to face charges then men were also, unnlike men, women were out for revenge, not for riches girls worked under, as boys, until they were powerful enough to reveal their "true identy Are they, well.. Strategies of Attack Myths & Realitys pirates prefered small fast ships over the giant slow moving ones seen in movies

You were born a pirate. Doubt it!

-most pirates were usually poor sailors trying to make a living giant sea monsters attack ships then eat the pirates.
example:the kraken Pirates: Myths and Realities

Ear Rings:
Hollywood pirates wore earrings
So did real pirates
they thought it would improve eyesight
Eye Patches, Peg legs, and Hooks
Only used if needed
hardly ever happened
more likely to toss over board The Black Spot! Fiction!

When a pirate gets a spot on his hand warning him of close death (pirates of Carribean)
WHat about a pirate Government?
there really was none
people had rules on ships
pirates were more like gangsters
No big book of rules like in Pirates of Carribean TREASURE
Pirates didn't really bury treasure- sometimes
they kept it or put it in caves
no buried treasure has ever been found, but
treasure from shipwrecks have
(Whydah off Cape cod, MA)
They usually spent their loot at their
next port
Would YOU bury your treasure on
ann island for someone else to find? Calypso
thought to be the goddess of silence and deception because she distracted sailors leading them to ruin
was a greek sea nymph
had a new meaning in pirates of the caribbean DAVY JONES
not accualy thought to be a person
When sailors died, they went to
Davy jones locker a.k.a. the ocean floor (no actual place)
you went if you died at sea Green Flash
a natural occuring phenomenon
very unlikely that pirates had
parrots as pets
no documentation of parrots WOMEN and WHISTLING
women on ships were considered bad luck
whistling on a ship would start a storm
fell in love with a pirate
had no mercy;violent
after she had her first child she
went back to pirating
Mary Reed joined her crew
they became friends Mary Reed
raised as a boy
never toook no for an answer
more powerful with Anne
like Anne, she had a very
bad temper Nathanial Butler
as a man was governer of bermuda
Captain of many ships, part of navy
in 1638, he became a pirate
raided many towns and gained some money
returned to England Black Beard
aka Edward Teach
- a well known, fearsome pirate
-patrolled east coast of America
-scared normal sailors jsut by showing his flag
-Black Beard's ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, had 40 cannons!
-captured and stole many ships
-he killed and marrooned people
-from 1650's to 1720's
- Golden age gave us the modern vision
of what we think pirates are
-Privateers-government license from crown
to ransack enemy merchant ships
-after peace returned licenses were canceled and sailors in the navies were out of work

CAribbean was an ideal place for pirating
-had inlets and caves to hide
-lots of merchant ships partisipating in
trianglular trade
-lots of sandbars and reefs
-lots of limestone caverns to hide valuables
-easily controlled islands
-many pirate ports The Golden Age Of Piracy Now on to our talk show!
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