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Digital Storytelling - Coursework 1

Individual project that is a proposal that is to be for advertising a product.

Michael Rhodes

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling - Coursework 1

Character Diamonds This is a proposal for an interactive, narrative driven promotional campaign designed for your product JusJax .

The Campaign for your product "JusJax", will use a Digital Storytelling technique called cross media to tell our interpretation of "The Three Little Pigs" story. Interactive Narrative Driven
Promotional Campaign
Proposal for JusJax Concept Overview Target Audience Expected Public Reaction
Your ideal consumer is generally middle income young adults, possibly with children. This means that a free event would be a suitable day out, for which your ideal customer would see as part of their active lifestyle.

A very high proportion of the target group have access to a smartphone or a tablet, by owning one or knowing someone that does. This creates an advantage for this type of campaign which utilises mobile technologies and maximises the number of people from the target group who will participate in the augmented reality event.

Creating a fun game for the first phase that introduces the campaign to the public will be effective in reaching many of these users. Free games on mobile devices are very popular. This enables people to be drawn to the idea of attending the event.
It has been two months since the wolf had blown down the two little pigs homes for the 10th time and has not been seen since then.

The little pigs have rebuilt their homes and have become too comfortable that they have scared the big bad wolf away.

The third little pig started his own business selling snack bars made of oats. Something his younger brothers think to be silly as they only want to play around and enjoy their day. Though little as they know the wolf is about to come back.

While the Practical pig is out one day, the wolf comes by with a plan to steal the secret recipe the little pig uses for his business.

The Practical pig comes back from the village, only to find his new recipe for the baking competition is missing.

The Pigs then search the house to try and find out where it may have gone. Though the only thing he finds is clues that the wolf was their such as paw prints in his home. Feasibility Plot Development Narrative Structure Detailed Story Run Through Pig One
Fifer Playful Irresponsible Boastful Cowardly The first and youngest pig out of the three is called Fifer, he was always the most childish with his brother Fiddler not so close behind him. He always followed his brother Fiddler into bad situations and sometimes created them. He has no care in the world, and loves to entertain himself by playing his flute, dancing around and often mocks the big bad wolf. Synopsis Pig Two
Fiddler Giddy Immature Cowardly Lazy Fiddler the middle child of the brother pigs, is a little smarter the Fifer. But it does not stop him from getting into difficult situations of which he needs his oldest brother to solve for him. He spends a lot of his time dancing and playing around with his younger brother Fifer. Pig Three
Practical Confident Responsible Intelligent Hardworking The Oldest of the three pigs, is not as silly as his brothers and likes to do handwork. He has always been the older brother figure to is younger siblings and has to save them from trouble most of the time. He is most successful out of the three pigs by building his brick home and creating his own business selling oat bars from there. Big
Wolf Selfish Persistent Dishonest Manipulating Zeke the wolf was abandoned as a child as he didn't behave like rest of the pack and was left on his own to fend for himself. Since his abandonment he always tried his best to be a proper wolf. In his eyes being bad was in a wolf's nature. This makes him more determined to get the little pigs, because of his failure in the past to get them. Act I Act II Act III Synopsis Synopsis Synopsis Beginning Middle End Three Act Structure Climax Introduction Time Tension Beginning - Act I Middle - Act II End - Act III
This part of the event will involve participants using their smartphones or tablet computers to install an app to experience an alternate reality environment through their mobile devices.

The environment will only work in a specific place and will use the phones GPS feature to find the events start point and guide people to it. Princes Street gardens is one of the proposed locations. Which would be during or before the Edinburgh Fringe Festival that takes place next year 2013 between 2 - 26 August.

Once the user reaches the start point he or she will use their phone to see the three little pigs finding their clues in Act 2 and will be able to press their screens to activate each plot sequence in turn.

These devices already contain the technology needed for the app. Such as a camera, accelerometer, compass and GPS(Global Positioning Systems).

So an Alternate Reality app will only need to be built for the event as many people at around 50% have these devices needed. Augmented Reality App The Interactive App & 2D Game tells the first part of the story titled Act 1. This medium will introduce the event to the public giving people a chance to understand the story better before arriving at the Augmented Reality experience this will happen after the online game has run for some time.

The game involves telling the various plot points from act 1 of the story as tasks/missions. The user will have tasks to accomplish to proceed to the next part of the story.

Once all missions are complete for act 1 the game then ends with a description of the event that will take place the following week, and instructions of what to do next. This gives those who are involved with the game first insight to the event. In turn it will give them a sense of accomplishment making them more willing to go to the event. Leaving their homes behind the three little pigs take the footpath through the countryside.

They soon come across another clue, the clue is a some of the wrappers from the Junk food that the wolf eats.

Following this trail of crumbs come across an opening to the woodland area.

The entrance to the woods has a sign painted beware the wolf, so they know they're going the right way. Once the three little pigs reach the big bad wolfs home, the Practical pig is the only one to enter as the two little pigs are too scared to do so.

The little pig then discovers it was all trap. That the wolf lured him away by stealing his secret recipe.

The wolf jumps out closing the door on the Practical pig.

The Practical Pig being shut inside with the wolf, will either have his brothers break the door down or wait.
Once the little pig manages to break out of the house his brothers are waiting for him and trip up the wolf as he leaves.
The three little pigs leave the scene with the wolf sitting on the ground. This will be a new experience for many participants and will both engage them and retain interest to the climax of the campaign.

The conjunction of social media and other event advertisements, such as being in the fringe programme and even possibly on product wrappers will also increase the number of people who will get involved with the game. Again keeping interest in the story and getting people to participate throughout the of the campaign. The Three Little Pigs For the event to take place in the desired area some permission from Edinburgh City's Council will need to be obtained.

Through this link, an application form will need to be completed and sent in as early as possible.
Also required for the application will be a public entertainment license
Safe Guards need to be in place to adhere to Protection of Children Act (2003)
Public Liability insurance and risk assessments will need to be obtained.
Fringe Society booking for the venue "The Ross Band Stand" will have be considered as the area may be fully booked at the time and dates. http://eventsedinburgh.org.uk/Parks-Greenspace.html App Game Interactive Installation Event Located in Princes street gardens. The Augmented Reality experience will involve participants to walk to specific areas using the apps GPS locator. The user will then see through their phones a play button in which they will press in order to see the digital sequence. The user has to do this several times for each sequence. It will be evenly spread around parts of the park drawing them towards the interactive installation event.
The interactive installation will consist of a 3D projected environment linked to the the final act 3 of the story. This will be a computer generated scene, in which participants will be able to decide the ending of the story. Location Scouting Notes Social Media Communication What is Augmented Reality ? Augmented reality is a type of immersive environment. In which digital technology is used to display computer generated content, in conjunction with a real life physical settings to create unique experience.

The technology's purpose is to enhance one’s current perception of reality by bringing together the real physical environment with digital elements. What is GPS ? Stands for Global Positioning System. It is a satellite navigation system that provides location, anywhere on Earth. It is maintained by the United States government and is freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver. At 69% this figure shows that a very high percentage of the public use social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Taking advantage of this will prove a great addition to promoting the brand and as well as the engaging with the ongoing campaign. Cross Media Cross media also known as distributed narrative is the telling of a story over several media platforms. The media need to be interactive and closely integrated with each other.

This type of technique for digital storytelling is suitable for the campaign. It helps the audience to engage with the story and creates a more enjoyable experience.

The interactive element of this technique enables the audience to participate with the narrative in an meaningful way. The design gives them an opportunity to have an impact on the story. The shift from observers to participants increases engagement with the campaign and the product. In the original tale "The Three Little Pigs," the story begins with the three little pig characters being sent out into the world by their mother to "seek their fortune." The first pig builds a house of straw, but a wolf blows it down; the pig then runs to his brother's house for safety. The second pig builds a house of sticks and lets his brother in, but the wolf blows his house down as well. The two pigs then run to safety at their other brother's house.

The third pig builds a house of hard bricks and lets his brothers in. When the wolf can't blow the house down, he attempts to trick the little pigs out of the house, but the pigs outsmart him at every turn. Finally, the wolf resolves to come down the chimney; whereupon the pigs boil a pot of water into which the wolf plunges. The pigs quickly cover the pot and cook the wolf for supper. Original Tale "Three Little Pigs" Event Dates & Times The event would be best set during August 2013 while there is more attraction to the area due to the festival events going on.

The first part of the campaign would be launched at the beginning of August. A possible date would preferably be the 1st of that month. We would want to give at least some build up to the event so that knowledge of it will spread more.

The second phase that includes the Augmented Reality App experience that leads to the third phase which is interactive installation. Would take place in the afternoon some time during Edinburgh Fringe Festival that takes place next year 2013 between 2 - 26 August. Possible organising of space and slots that are available would have to be done through the Fringe Society. Digital Storytelling
IMD9104 Michael Rhodes 10005450 Permissions Needed The campaign will be using a below the line strategy (BLS). A Below the Line Strategy is an efficient & cost effective way for targeting a limited and specific group of people. It uses less conventional forms of advertising to promote products and communicates directly with its target audience. This in turn promotes a more personal interest by the audience in the brand by being part in the campaign. The interactive media used to tell the story include:
A free 2D app game based on act one of the story. It will also be accessible online through a website.

Set in the middle of the story will be type of immersive environment called Augmented Reality seen through an app on a smartphone or tablet.

This will build up to an interactive installation event where the ending is chosen by participants.

Included throughout the event will be communication with the characters and users through social media networks. Summery of Mediums
The achievement of the immersive digital environment for the participant will depend on bringing together several factors for it to be successful:

Realistic 3D computer graphics
Sound effects
Interactive user input
Simple to interact with
Enjoyment factor The immersive digital environment will be similar to a performance where the user interaction is speech and the digital characters before them ask the audience a question that will involve speech recognition technology that would select a yes or no answer from the crowd. The campaign will be using a non traditional and quite a new form of advertising that tries to get the viewers from around an area to become participants. From this factor, the campaign is likely to gain more support than just its intended target audience.

This is because when passers by see other people interacting with an environment. It will generate interest among those people and make them want to get involved. http://eventsedinburgh.org.uk/planners_venue_listing.html&venue_id=490&tab=gen-details Social Media As an element of transmedia social media will play a role developing the narrative by letting users interact with characters from within the story. This will stimulate a life experience making the characters seem real, and also help people involved with the story throughout the campaign. Transmedia Transmedia storytelling is a process were elements of a story are simultaneously spread across more than one medium, each making a unique contribution to unfolding the story. Observers to Participants Phase one which is the interactive game starts the story, and will introduce people to the concept of the what its all about and the brand behind it.

Phase two & three, the augmented reality by the means of the app and installation event will draw more interest from the public compared to what the 2d game will. This will happen because more people will want to be involved with the experience.

It will also attract the attention of the public in the area and it is likely to go viral through social network discussions, pictures and YouTube videos. As it will be something new to most of those who were there to see it. Restrictions A few of the main restrictions of the events are:

Some people do not have a smartphone or tablet device and may not be able to see the computer generated content through a mobile phone using the app. Our main solution to this is stated previously, and that people such as friends and family could work together in groups. This would also make the shared experience & more social.

Another problem is space and two many people could surround or keep using a certain area and stopping others from enjoying the experience. The only way around this is for guides (volunteers) to be set at each scene to move people along in an efficient and polite fashion. These are pictures taken off the surrounding area at Princes street gardens that phase two of the event will take place. Start End Below the line Strategy Campaign Description 1. App Game Missions Act 1 Below is a flow diagram for the app game of act 1. Similar to a malleable linear path or also know as critical story path. Each of these nodes are the routes of an individual characters story for this act. In each node there would be a task/mission to complete to get to the next node. Wolf Path Introduction Fifer Path Fiddler Path Practical Path 2D Animation Sequence - "The three little pigs and the thieving wolf". It has been a while since this little group of pigs have been disturbed by the big bad wolf. For too long things have been quiet and the pigs are starting to relax, unprepared for what the wolf is up to next. 2D Animation Sequence - Introduction - The big bad wolf has failed so many times against the three little pigs. That he has to come up with something new if he is to get his way. So one day after many failed attempts to get the pigs. He decides the best way to get the little pigs is to lure them to come to him. So he thinks and he plots until he finds out the practical pig has a new secret recipe for his delicious oat bars. Now all he needs to do is take that and the Practical little pig will bring his brothers to him.

Task 1 - Narrative Description - The wolf needs to sneak into the third little pigs house made of bricks if he is to steal the secret recipe. While getting around each house he is stay out of view from Fifer as he plays is music, and Fiddler as he works on the garden around their gardens. If spotted the game task will start again

Task 2 - Narrative Description - Now in the house the wolf needs to search it to find where the pig has hidden his recipe.

Task 3 - Narrative Description - Now all he needs to do now is escape the house if he can remember the way he came in. The practical pig is about to come home you have very little time left to find a way out. 2D Animation Sequence - Introduction - Since it has been so long since the last visit by the wolf the two little pigs have been playing a lot more outside their homes. So today Fifer will be outside playing some music while his brother works on the garden.

Task - Narrative - To complete this task Fifer is to will play a song and you have to repeat the sequence by remembering his actions. He will play several songs each getting faster and harder to remember. Once the task is complete his older brother the Practical pig comes home and the next task will begin.
Task - Description - Using your finger or mouse you need to press on each hole of the flute in turn flowing the pigs sequence. 2D Animation Sequence - Introduction - Since it has been so long since the last visit by the wolf the two little pigs have been playing a lot more outside their homes. So today Fiddler will be outside working on the garden while his brother plays some music. While working on his garden he notices holes appearing on the ground and moles popping out. The little pig needs to catch each mole to stop them ruining the garden.

Task - Narrative - To complete this task Fiddler needs try and catch the moles in his garden. Once he gets each mole another pops up and more holes appear. They start to speed up moving from hole to hole, until eventually they begin to slow down as they're tired. Once the task is complete his older brother the Practical pig comes home. Then the next task will begin.

Task - Description - You need press and drag with your finger or computer mouse to help him get each of those moles out of the garden. 2D Animation Sequence - Introduction - The third little pig has gone out to the village today with his cart to pick up some ingredients for his oat bars. As he leaves toward the path way he notices a lot of traffic on the road, with others pulling carts with horses to the village. He suddenly turns around to see many others coming behind him.

Task 1 - Narrative - The Practical little pig begins to run as fast as he can towards the village. The little pig runs after the horses until he can find a gap in so that he is able to get in front. Once you take this gap the Practical pig is safe from the villages race, and can proceed to the next task.

Task 1 - Description - You need to help him dodge the carts as they speed past him by moving him to a free space between the horse carriages.

Task 2 - Narrative - Once the little pig manages to escape the crowd of horse carriages. He makes it to the village market. Now all he needs to do is find his way around the stalls to get the ingredients on his list. Once he has every thing he needs on his cart he will return home.

Task 2 Description - You need to help him navigate each stall as he goes down his list of ingredients. Three Pigs Path 2D Animation Sequence - Introduction - Once the practical pig comes home with his cart full of various ingredients. He goes into his house to find this are moved around and the house is all messy. Calling on his brothers to see if they were the cause of it. They explain to him what they were doing today and it was not them.

Task 1 - Narrative - When the Practical pig then finds that his recipe is gone, they begin to search the house to find it.

Task 1 - Description - You are to choose one of the pigs, to search parts of the house to try and find clues to where the recipe may have gone to. Using the mouse or your finger press on locations to get him to move to that location to search an object repeat the step.

2D Animation Sequence - Once you find a few clues that link to the wolf being there, the practical pig decides he needs to get it back as he can't enter the baking competition without the new recipe. His brothers boasting how cowardly the wolf is decide to go with him. So they all set out to go find the wolf and the stolen recipe. Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 2 Task 1 Task 2 Concept Art Big Bad Wolf Three Little Pigs 2. Augmented Reality App This a description of the scenes that consist within the Augmented Reality Experience of Act 2:

Scene 1 - Narrative - The three little pigs are walking along the footpath on their journey to the woods. When they spot some junk food on the floor.

Dialog - The Practical Pig said" What is all this left on the ground"
- Fiddler Pig said " Its sweets and chocolate wrappers"
- Fifer Pig said " The wolf the wolf, it must have been the wolfs.
- The Practical Pig said " We must be getting close, lets move on"

Scene 2 - Narrative - Following the packaging of the junk food. They come across an entrance to the woods with a sign that said "Beware of wolf". This told them they were getting close. With a scared look on the two younger brothers faces they entered the woods.

Dialog - The Practical Pig " We need to go in here if we are to get what we came for"
- Fifer Pig said " Do we have to?"
- The Practical Pig said " You did not have to come along, you said the big bad wolf was ding dong"

Scene 3 - Narrative - Entering the woods they see a building in the distance with smoke coming out the chimney. As they get closer they begin to realise that this must be where the wolf lives.
-Fifer Pig said " Im scared. Lets go home"
- The Practical Pig said " We need to get that recipe back come on" 3. Interactive
Installation Event This is a description of the scenes that consist within the Interactive Installation event of act 3:

Scene 1 Narrative - Arriving at the old wooden shack the three little pigs knock on the door. But no one answers. Opening the door the Practical pig peeks through the crack and finds it to dark to see inside. A few seconds later he opens the door and enters.

Dialog - The Practical Pig said" You two wait here, I am going to check it out"
- Shaking Fifer & Fiddler said " Okay"

Scene 2 Narrative - As the Practical pig enters the room the door slams shut with a loud bang. Fifer and Fiddler try to open it but it budge, so they begin to bang on the door repeatedly. The Practical pig soon discovers it was all a trap as the wolf jumps out from in front of him. Running around the shack the little pig frantically tries to evade the wolfs grasp. Scene 3 Narrative - Fifer and Fiddler are wondering whether they should force their way in and help their brother or wait in fear for him to finish this on his own.

Choice 1 - If they help him they will break down the door allowing the Practical pig to run outside. The wolf will follow him, but end up being hit on the head with a shovel on his way. Then the three little pigs will leave the scene together, with the wolf mending his head on the ground


Choice 2 - The two little pigs will wait and hide as the Practical pig has to keep running from the wolf inside the shack. Only until the point when he is able to make the wolf slip and fall, so he can go to the door and take off the lock. He then manages to escape with his to little brothers trying to catch up behind him. Short description of
experience in the events location Ross Band Stand This is our desirable location for phase 3 the interactive installation event. Campaign Public Reaction Events Public Reaction Characters Linking Story to Targeted Audience To make the story as effective as possible for the campaign without ruining the storytelling experience. Subtle parts of the plot link to the product behind the narrative. Such parts include the reasons behind the mission of the story and why the antagonist character the big bad wolf is the one eating junk foods and not the three little pigs. This is one of the points you wanted the campaign to bring across as making oat bars positive and junk food negative. App and Game Developers http://waracle.net/


http://www.screenmedia.co.uk/ Here is some possible developers for both the app and the app game. Agreements would have to be made on which developer would be most suitable for the campaign of your product What is an interactive installation ? An interactive installation is a type of art that relies on participants to engage with it accomplish its function . To do this the participant needs to approach it and walk in and around it. It uses technology such as computers and sensors to respond to motion, heat or sound around itself. A set of four personality traits for a character which will help determine what choices he will make within the story.
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