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Kobe Bryant

No description

동욱 신

on 27 November 2016

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Transcript of Kobe Bryant

Drafted as 13th pick by Charlotte Hornets and immediately traded to Los Angeles Lakers
in 1996
Kobe Bryant
The Journey of A Legend
The very first point of his career in NBA
1996. 11. 5. @New York Knicks

Kobe wins 1997 Dunk Contest Champion
Born : 1978. 8. 23.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Height : 6ft 6in (198cm)
Weight : 212lbs (96kg)
High School : Lower Merion
(Ardmore, Pennslyvania)
Position : Shooting Guard
Number : 8, 24
Team : Los Angeles Lakers(1996-2016)
Personal Information
Kobe threw 4 air balls in 1997 Playoff against the Jazz, to eliminate the Lakers.
In his second season, Kobe became the youngest All-Star starter in NBA history.
In 1999, Phil Jackson became a head coach of the Lakers.
Kobe and Phil spent thirteen seasons together, and got 5 rings.
Lakers won over Blazers with this symbolic alley-oop, Kobe to Shaq
Kobe made 12 3-pointers, which is the most in a game in the NBA history
03. 1. 7. vs Supersonics
The Lakers accomplished the Three-peat in 2002. Kobe became the youngest player with 3 chapionships, cementing his own reputation as a clutch player.
Kobe scored 40+ for 9 consecutive games, the 2nd longest record in the NBA history.
The super Lakers with Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Payton, fell to Pistions in 2004 Finals.
After the miserable failure, the big names like Shaq, Malone, Payton and even the head coach Phil Jackson left the Lakers.
Kobe got a new contract as a Laker and began his career as a leader.
Kobe dropped 62 points in 3 quarters, which is the largest since there has been a shot clock against Mavericks, 05. 12. 20.
Kobe nailed 81 points against Raptors. It was the second-best record following 100 points of Wilt Chamberlain.
Kobe made "The Shot", the best clutch shot in his career in the Playoff game 4 against Suns.
In his first season with the number 24, Kobe scored 50+ points in 10 games in 06-07 Season.
Kobe scored 65 points vs. Grizzles, second-most in his career to end losing streak at 7.
Kobe scored 60 points in the last game of his career.
His competitiveness never allowed himself lose in his last game.
Kobe won 07-08 season MVP
But his MVP season ended up with the loss against Boston Celtics, in the NBA Finals.
Kobe dropped 61 points at Knicks, on 09. 2. 2. which is the largest in Madison Square Garden history.
Kobe beat Orlando Magic to win his 4th title.
He mastered mid-range game this season.
Kobe made unbelievable game winners in 09-10 season.
The Lakers made it to the 5th championship in Kobe Era.
He got back-to-back champion ring and Finals MVP.
Lakers got swept by Mavericks, the 2011 NBA Champion, in the 2nd round of the Playoffs.
Kobe worked hard for another championship, but the Lakers couldn't get over rising Thunder in the Playoffs.
The Lakers started 2012-13 season with super members, targeting another championship.
But they suffered from injuries and team chemistry problems all-season-long.
Kobe got his achiles' tendon ruptured, which made him out of court more than 6 months and resulted in losing substantial part of his athletic abilities.
And the Lakers couldn't go further than the first round of the playoffs.
Kobe fracture his left knee in his returning season. He had to be sidelined for 6 weeks.
Kobe got his right shoulder rotator cuff torn, which made him end his 2014-15 season in January.
Kobe spent the whole season for his farewell tour in 2015-2016.
There are several statues in front of the Staples Center for the memorial of legendary Lakers players.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Jerry West
Erving "Magic" Johnson
Wonder which pose Kobe's statue going to take
He was highly talented,
but he was the one with the best work ethic.
No matter what the pose will be
He proved the sentence "Where amazing happens" by himself.
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