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Nonverbal Communication

No description

Ali Hillman

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of Nonverbal Communication

Wordless signals given in the course of our interactions - facial expressions, eye contact, hand gestures, posture, tone, etc.
Why does it matter?
93% of communication is non-verbal

55% body language

38% tone of voice
The 5 Possibilties:
Repetition: You can repeat or mirror the message you are making verbally

Contradiction: You can contradict the message you are trying to convey

Substitution: You can substitute a message

Compliment: You can drive home the verbal point you are intending to make

Accenting: You can punctuate your verbal message
How do we put this in context?
OLs - Your energy and nonverbal communication determines the initial(and often lasting) impression held by incoming students

RAs - Your body language indicates to residents your level of approachability, engagement and authority

We can't be the listeners we want to be if no one will approach us.
Part 1) Brainstorm 2 examples of positive/welcoming body language. Next, brainstorm 2 examples of negative/indifferent body language.

Part 2) Elect a group member, or participate as an entire group in acting out an emotion/nonverbal cue assigned to you.
How does nonverbal communication relate to listening?

Nonverbal Communication
What is it?
Active Listening
So why does all of this
What questions do you have?
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