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Creative Person Exhibition - Hans Geuss

No description

Alison Audoire

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Creative Person Exhibition - Hans Geuss

Creative Person Exhibition - Hans Geuss
I've learned that being a creative person is much more than being good at art, or playing an instrument, or creating art with your body through dance. Creativity involves unique problem solving skills and thinking 'outside the box' too.
I chose to do my creative person exhibition
on my grandfather, Hans Geuss.
Hans saw problems and opportunities for improvement in the things around him and acted
I fondly remember a number of 'problems' my grandfather created unique solutions for. Probably the most creative process/product was when he had an inch worm infestation in the huge tree in his front yard. The tree was way too tall for anyone to climb and he needed a way to get a pipe up to the top. Through some ingenious method, he was able to (while standing on the ground) hoist an irrigation pipe all the way through to the top of the tree. Once everything was connected and attached, he was able to run pesticides up through the pipe so it would 'rain down' on the inch worms below. This is just one example of his creative solutions to every day problems. He was definitely our family's 'inventor.'
Prezi by:
Alison Audoire
My grandfather was a master carpenter. He would plan, create and build beautiful pieces of high-quality furniture from scratch. In our childhood years, he made us beds (including bunk beds), dressers and a play set in the back yard.

And he was also a creative problem solver...
Hans created with his hands.
Hans Geuss
Hans had an exceptionally, creative mind. He enjoyed planning & building things, finding & creating solutions to everyday problems and researching his family genealogy.
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