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I Survived The Titanic

No description

Jaci Howard

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of I Survived The Titanic

It's Sinking?
The First Day
One day in Belfast, Ireland there was an amazing vessel ready to sail. I was fasinated by the amazing sight. It looked so fancy. I decided I would like to try it out. I checked the price, and it was expensive. I went home, and got my money. I only needed to go on third class. The inside was beautiful.
The Looks
It's moving I tell the passengers and crew and I point to what I see. They start sending distress rockets and the passengers and I start calling for it. Luckily its moving our way. It gets close and I can just about see its name.The Californian. When it gets really close we start to jump across its life boats to it. Not all of us make it. Another ship comes. The Carpathia. It saves most of the other people. Sadly two are left behind. They didn't want to go on.
Stand Back
Our ship starts to sail away quickly and everyone is told to stand back. I can see why. As the Titanic slowly slips under the surface of the water, it creates a huge plunge with a force that can make you fall in. I heard a big gasp in the crowd. After a while, all you could see was the dark ocean water below you. Vacant and motionless.
The Wait
On the Californian all the passengers wait. Very still, and cold. Most of them were still in their normal dresses and stockings waiting to be back on the Earth's crust. We were served some hot cocoa and they wrapped a warm blanket around us. While we breathed you could see a cloud of our breath in the cold air. It was a releif to be on a ship's surface and not an ocean floor.
I Survived The Titanic
By:Ryleigh Nace

The inside was glorious. They brought me flowers and I had a cabin steward. The grand staircase looked like it was a glistening star. I felt royal. They had so many rooms. There were only two bathrooms for third class, but that was okay to me. There were 20 lifeboats, but we won't need them. This ship is unsinkable.
I'm used to this luxery now. I'm sitting, and relaxing on the prominade deck. It's a bit chilly, but thats fine. Wait a minute, the engines have gone quiet. There are ice feilds everywhere, and ice has hit the sides onto the floor of the deck. Do you think we hit some ice. Surely this isn't sinking. My cabin steward tells me to get my life jacket on and go to the main deck. I'm starting to get worried. I put on my life jacket and go up to the main deck. There is a crowd getting onto the life boats. I can see a very close ship in the distence.
Why Did I Make This?
I made this text to tell you what I would do to save the Titanic passengers and crew during the sinking. I also did it to tell you many information about the Titanic so you could get a visual idea of how it looked like.
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