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Practical Performance Assessment

No description

Morag Carmichael

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Practical Performance Assessment

Practical Performance Assessment

Learning Intentions
To develop your ability to plan and prepare for your one off performance assessment.

Success Criteria:

1. Be able to describe 2 personal challenges
2. Be able to explain why these challenges are relevant to the one off performance
3. Be able to describe how you plan to prepare to meet the challenges
3. Be able to carry out an activity specific warm up
2. Explaining the impact on performance (4 marks)
For each challenge you must give a detailed explanation of the negative effect this challenge has to your practical performance. You must make 2 points for each challenge.

e.g. Having a weak left foot as a central midfielder means that if I ever drive at the opposition and am shown onto this foot I am less likely to take a shot on goal even when it is the best option. I also find it difficult to cross the ball in using my left foot and this makes it hard when I find myself supporting my left midfielder. When I do attempt a cross it often goes out of play.

Task 2: Explain the impact to the person next to you for each of your challenges. Partner check: it is well explained? Does the impact clearly link to the challenge?
1. Describing personal challenges (2 marks)
For the first bookend you must describe 2 personal challenges (1 mark per challenge). It is important that these are specific to you. You should state the challenge and describe your performance within it.

e.g. My first challenge is that I am very poor at using my reverse stick. When I try to stop the ball using my reverse stick the ball often goes under the stick.

e.g. My first challenge is that I am very weak with my left foot. When I try to pass the ball with this foot I often mishit it and it is easily intercepted by opponents.

Task 1 - Write down your 2 personal challenges. Can you complete other bookend questions using theses challenges. Think carefully about the challenge you pick.

Practical Performance
At the start of your practical performance you must complete a 3 part warm up.

1. Pulse raising activity
2. Dynamic stretches
3. Activity specific warm up

This should be done on your own with the exception of the activity specific part. You get up to 2 marks for the warm up.
Performance Assessment
2(a) a performance repertoire (8 marks)

2(b) control and fluency of movement and performance skills (8 marks)

2(c) decision-making throughout the performance (8 marks)

2(d) the effectiveness of following through on these decisions (8 marks)

2(e) following rules and regulations and displaying etiquette (4 marks)

2(f) controlling emotions (4 marks)

Practical Performance
Ensure that you are mentally prepared to perform at your best. Have all equipment required (e.g. water, shin guards, mouth guard etc). Be in the right frame of mind to perform in a conscientious manner.

Evaluation of your whole performance (2 marks)
Here you must evaluate how you performed overall. Did you have a good game, if so why? Give examples of things that went well. Did you have a poor game, if so why? Give examples of things that didn't go so well. If there were some good parts and some bad parts talk about both.
Performance Evaluation
After you have completed your practical performance you must evaluate how you performed both in relation to the personal challenges and the plan you made and also you must evaluate your performance in general.
Section 1: Planning and Preparation
Section 3: Evaluation
Section 2: Practical Performance
3. Describing how you plan to prepare to meet a challenge (2 marks)
Here you must describe what you plan to do to ensure that your personal challenge does not negatively affect your performance too much. What tactical decisions might you make to compensate.

e.g. To overcome this challenge I plan to do the following. Firstly I plan to ensure that when driving at the opposition close to goal I use a step over to fake to take the ball to the left. This should ensure that my opponent moves to their right and this in turn should briefly create space fro me to shift the ball to my right side using the outside of my right foot and then to take a quick shot on target.

Also when I find myself on the left side of the pitch I will aim to quickly shift the ball to my right foot and cut the ball back to the other central midfield player who should have taken up a position at the edge of the box.

Ensure that your plan for one challenge does not contradict your other challenge or the plan for your other challenge.
Planning and Preparation
Task 3: Come up with a tactical plan to meet your challenge.

Homework: You must bring Section 1 of the bookend completed and detailed to your practical performance assessment.

After your practical performance assessment you should bring a draft of section 3 'Evaluation' to class on Monday 24th March. You will be provided with support for this at that point.
Evaluation of your personal challenge and the plan you made (8 marks)
Here you must evaluate how you performed with regard to the plan that you made to overcome your personal challenge. Did it work? If so in what ways? If not, what were the main issues? Give lots of evaluation for each as each one is worth 4 marks.
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