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Inside De'Avis

No description

De'Avis Willingham

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Inside De'Avis

By: De'Avis Willingham Inside Me My Past How Is Math Neccessary for my career I was born at Crawford Long Hospidal on April 28, 1995 in Atlanta, Ga
I went to C.W. Hill Elementary
At C.W. Hill I was the most popular and smartest kid. I was on Principal's List every year.
I was the lead anchor for our new team
I was the president in 4th and 5th grade.
I played sports at Central Park growing up
They called me Baby Sapp in football and in basketball I hit the game winning shot in the 8 and under championship then again on 12 and under
.I attended Inman Middle school...I got kicked out in 8th grade.
.Don't mess with "white gurls" I love playing football
I enjoy watching movies on my down time
.i love to have fun
I have always been a jokester or class clown
.I WON THE SPELLING BEE My Hobbies I am 17 years old
I am a senior
Grady High School is where I will be graduating from
.Since 9th grade I have calmed down and matured
.I used 2do the "Big Doom" dance at all the pep rallys
Favorite teacher in elementary was Ms. Dixon, middle school: Ms. Andrew, Now: I don't have a favorite, they all are equal, I despise coach Howard though.
.I'm glad Coach "Granddad" Millen let me play my senior year...we had so much fun this season
.The Next Kickback Is Soon
.I go by Chuck Look At Me Now I am trying to get a football scholarship
Trying to narrow my list of schools down to one school.
Maintaining good grades so I can graduate on time and make my mother proud!
.My top choices are Grambling St and FAMU and Southern U. UGA is still my favorite team.
.Try to stay out of trouble...im a hot head, I hate being told what to do Things In Progress Math will help anybody with or without a career because everyone loves money and need to know how to count it.
Help me add up all my bills and let me know how much I will have left over.
It will help me make good money decisions and any other decisions dealing with numbers. PRESENT My Family My mom is the most influential person in my life.
My dad is just another one of my patnas.
My little sister is the reason I live. I'm trying to live a good life for her. She has the worst attitude ever.
My future wife- Quianna Crane
I love them all they mean the most to me! Future Results Of the Career/Vocation Survey 1. Education and Training
2. Marketing, Sales and Services
3. Human Services
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