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The scholarship jacket

No description

ashley newkirk

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of The scholarship jacket

The Scholarship Jacket
The jacket
The jacket
The jacket is has the same symbol as a scholarship. The jacket is given to the student with the highest grades each year as an award for their hard work.
Marta is an 8th grade mexican-american girl who lives in texas with her grandparents. Martha"s entire family is know for being poor. She is skinny girl, and not very pretty either. However, she was very intelligent and gets great grades and wants the schools scholarship jacket.
One theme that is recogized in this story is that you shouldn't have to pay for an award that you worked hard for or deserve. As said in the story “Then if you pay for it, Martha,its not a scholarship jacket anymore is it?”.

Themes cont.
Another theme that I discovered in this story The Scholarship Jacket, is that hard work pays off. Martha had worked hard getting great grades for 8 straight years and got the scholarship jacket because she deserved it despite any of her family's finical issues.
The story The Scholarship Jacket is about a girl named Martha who wants the jacket. Martha has worked hard to get this jacket but is challenged to get it when the school wants her to pay for it. In the end Martha gets the jacket that she deserves without having to pay for it.
By: Ashley Newkirk and Deaggo johnson
The Protagonist: Martha
Photo of Marta Salinas the author of The Scholarship Jacket.
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