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Battle of Amiens

WW1 History

Pooja P.

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Battle of Amiens

Objective of the battle This battle was not about gaining ground, it was about destruction and demoralization of the German army, which we succeeded in doing. Canadian Contributions Canadian contributions to Germany's ultimate defeat in WW1 were known as "Canada's 100 Days" and those 100 days began with The Battle of Amiens.

Four Canadian divisions, each containing roughly 10,000 soldiers were involved in this battle, throughout the battle they took:
9131 prisoners
+1000 machine guns and trench mortars
190 artillery pieces
173.5 square km of land Reason 1: Why this was the BLOODIEST BATTLE The Battle of Amiens When: The Battle, started on August 8th 1918, and ended on 12 August 1918 The Battle of Amiens Where: Who was involved: Germany against France, Great Britain, Canada and Australia The battle took place at Amiens on the Somme River in North-western France -6,000 were killed and wounded for Australian offensive
-1,036 dead and 2,803 wounded just in the first day
-Canadians suffered more that 11,800 casualties
-British and French captured 33,000 German soldiers.
-50,000-70,000 casualties in German army
-British lost 22,000 men
-French lost 20,000 men Reason 2: it was one of the first battle to incorporate modern armored vehicles such as tanks, guns and aircraft
modern weapons made it easier to kill soldiers and was the reason behind the bloodshed
allied forces had more than 500 tanks, 1 900 aircrafts and 2 000 guns
German defenses against the allied forces, had 530 guns and 369 planes
The Battle of Amiens was THE BLOODIEST
because: It had so many casualties (deaths, and injuries)
It was the battle with the highest concentration of cross-fire and one of the first to use modern weaponry
The foggy weather helped Britain attack Germany and change the course of WW1 Reason 3: Bibliography Amiens is a city in northern France http://www.lermuseum.org/en/canadas-military-history/first-world-war/battlefront-1918/canadas-100-days/
http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/history/firstwar/fact_sheets/hundred-days Highest Concentration of Cross-Fire The Battle of Amiens had the most casualties “Whenever the Germans found the Canadian Corps coming into the line they prepared for the worst” The Battle of Amiens was seen as a great victory which could not have been won without the help of Canadians. Canadians at Amiens Trench Trench Wars An armored vehicle going into war War Tank The Battle of Amiens was the Turning Point in WW1 This battle turned around the fate of WW1 as Canadian troops joined the Australian and British troops and began to overwhelm the Germans. It was the beginning of Germany's defeat, the beginning of the end, the end of WW1. “The Germans were surrendering everywhere. We knew it was going to be the end of the war.” Major S Evers, Australian Corps. To fool the German army, a great attack was planned in France and Canadian troops were sent to Belgium, and so German troops set up defense there, while the Canadians snuck back to Amiens and took the Germans completely by surprise. wrote British Prime Minister David Lloyd George in his memoirs. Weather conditions during the battle of Amiens were very foggy. The fog helped hide the attack by Britain on Germany
Britain was able to cause Germany many casualties and capture many of their soldiers. Up until this battle, Germany had been on the offensive and had pushed the British and Australian troops all the way back to Amiens, which is where the battle turned around... The first day of the Battle of Amiens was known as "the Black Day of the German Army" a foggy battlefield By Pooja, Nidhi and Riya Canadians at Amiens Trench Wars Injured Soldiers Battlefield Littered with Dead Bodies Trench Wars In Conclusion... The Battle of Amiens was the most bloodiest because: 1. High # of Casualties 2. High Amount of Crossfire 3. Foggy Weather Conditions and it was the MOST SIGNIFICANT because this battle was the turning point in WW1 Canadians at Amiens Its Significance:
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