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LH Program Communication

No description

Alena Ipanova

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of LH Program Communication

Critical elements of communication
in cross-functional software development projects:

Lufthansa Program Case Study Master Thesis What are the critical elements of communication in LH program? Alena Ipanova
Master in Communication Student
Gothenburg University

May, 2013 Academic problem - reflection of only managers' perspective of communication in cross-functional projects

LH problem - communication is not enough reliable and quality assured Problem Theoretical
framework RQ Method Findings Analysis Conclusions 3 interviews with managers based on 6 criteria

online survey for employees based on findings from managers' interviews (90 respondents among 136 employees) What are the critical elements
of communication in LH program
from managers and employees’ perspective? Managers' perspective

LH program vision communication
The role of formal and informal communication
Knowledge management within LH program
Silo mentality of communication in LH program (1) Awareness

92% are aware of the importance and outcome of the tasks that they should complete BUT 52% don't have knowledge about competences of others and have difficulties in finding whom to turn to in case of questions 73% understand own tasks contribution to all LH program BUT 63% don't have a clear understanding of LH program directions and future perspective LH program vision is rather short-term than long term Employees' perspective (2) Individual responsibility

80% feel individual responsibility for success or failure of the project

91% feel that communication is their own responsibility

76% do not blame others when the work they did prevents from further task fulfillment BUT 24% think that blame is an issue Awareness (3) Cooperative communication

84% rejected dependence of more responsible attitude to work when in case when colleague they are in a good relationship with will work on this further

70% rejected that they collaborate more with the colleagues with whom they have good social contact out of work BUT 30% rely on social contact Professional communication rather
than interpersonal ??? (4) Informal vs. formal communication. Status of meetings

63% get more information from informal communication rather than formal
49% believe that meetings don't provide benefit for their daily work
42% believe it is more productive to have Show and Tell meetings in the form of team to team presentations
69% when on social events stick to the people they usually communicate with
BUT 31% communicate with new people Interpersonal communication is important! (5) Knowledge management

72% stated the lack of common platform for knowledge and information exchange

69% communicate with colleagues from other projects in order to exchange experiences and provide more value to LH program Variety in meetings structure? BUT silomentality remains as there is no knowledge about competences, roles and responsibilities (6) Motivation stimuli

73% of the respondents agreed that achievement of the project goals contributes to the achievement of their personal goals

89% know how LH program contributes to the whole company

82% are proud to work in LH program

BUT 63% do not have a clear understanding of LH program directions and future perspectives Motivation content or WHY factor?

(3) The attitude to official meetings in LH program is contradictive Conclusions Communication of a long-term vision of LH program & “why” factor

Exchange of best practices

Different forms of meetings

Change physical location

Small online surveys to know employees' needs Further work

Knowledge management system

Interpersonal communication

Variety of methods in meetings

See opportunity in every challenge! Thank you for your attention
and participation in my Master Thesis Research! (1) Task orientation CRITERIA TO MEASURE (2) Cooperative communication (3) Interpersonal relationships
(4) Knowledge management (5) Communication outcome (6) Project characteristics influence on communication (1) Individual awareness and responsibility for communication is generally high (2) The level of knowledge about the LH program and competences of other colleagues is generally low (4) Motivation is based on status rather than on content of activity
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