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Researching Credible Connections

No description

Prisma Iñiguez

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of Researching Credible Connections

Prisma Iñiguez Cavazos
0002745733 Researching Credible Connections 5 Secrets to Effective Online Collaboration Team Leader Internet Collaboration Some people might argue with this point, but it is my opinion that to create and support effective collaboration – either offline or online – one needs a strong and charismatic leader. Look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Marissa Mayer, and others. Talented managers are the ones who know whom they can rely on to get things done and to make things happen. Experienced team leaders know how important it is to build relationships with employees and partners, especially when they are miles away. http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/225093# Talented people know other talented people.
Steve often said, "Make sure you're hiring only A-players." Hire a few B-players, he said, and they hire B's and C's, and pretty soon the whole operation is going to pot. http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2011-03-25/news/29188716_1_indian-scientists-gates-foundation-infectious-diseases NEW DELHI: Identifying India as a key source of innovations, Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates on Thursday invited Indian scientists, technical and research institutes to partner with his foundation in developing cheaper drugs to eradicate infectious diseases like tuberculosis. Gates and wife Melinda are touring India to review programmes funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Dream Team http://shersuccessteams.com/basics.htm A success team is a small, ongoing group, made up of about 6 people like you. The people on your team will help you make your dreams come true. Why? Because you're going to do the same thing for them. Your team will keep you moving until you discover and achieve your dream. Explanation These are credible sources because I was looking for pages that agreed with the Dream Team and they actually said that for the success you need to look for other people success and to be committed to the idea, etc. and everything was included on those pages, also the site has the date of last revision posted, uses correct spelling and grammar, the links are logically grouped, and it fulfills its intended purpose. A good team is a collection of teammates, in the real meaning of the word. You have to be devoted to the idea, product or project, and committed to one another’s success. When assembling your team, be sure to select individuals with the right attitude, the right skills and the right commitment level. You can exchange thousands of emails negotiating terms and conditions, and you can make dozens of angry calls screaming about expired deadlines. Or you can simply register an account and coordinate work online using project management software, aka groupware or collaboration software. There are many available applications, such as Basecamp, Zoho, ActiveCollab, CentralDesktop, TeamLab, DeskAway. Test them out and select one that fits your style. If you historically have relied on just email, put your seat belt on and get ready to turbo-charge your projects! Knowledge Center Ideally, your team has proprietary know-how which can be leveraged in your projects. And this brings us back to online collaboration software. Most of such solutions offer a Wiki, bookmarking, document management, internal blogging, etc. The software provides an environment in which to document, locate, share and collaborate on ideas and topics, and this environment simply cannot be replicated through email or phone. Explanation http://www.forbes.com/sites/glennllopis/2012/10/01/6-ways-successful-teams-are-built-to-last/ I discuss the importance of caring, understanding the needs of your team and embracing differences and helping your colleagues experience their significance.
I discuss the importance of caring, understanding the needs of your team and embracing differences and helping your colleagues experience their significance. All great leaders know exactly what buttons to push and when to push them. They are experts at activating the talent that surrounds them. They are equally as effective at matching unique areas of subject matter expertise and / or competencies to solve problems and seek new solutions.
Fully knowing your team means that you have invested the time to understand how they are wired to think and what is required to motivate them to excel beyond what is expected from them. Collaborative Software http://basecamp.com/one-page-project Basecamp single-page projects keep everything together.
With an entire project on one page, nothing gets lost and your team always knows where things are. A Basecamp exclusive.
Basecamp keeps all your projects, data, and people in one place.
No matter how many projects you have, or how many people you have working on them, Basecamp keeps everything organized. http://www.zoho.com/projects/ Online Project Management Software with Planning
Zoho Projects is the integrated project management solution that simplifies and speeds every project, every time. Whether your team is 3 or 30, you can make sure everyone’s on the same page and working toward the same goal. The result is coordinated, unified process that slashes project time, saves money, and enhances project quality. Start working smarter, faster with Zoho Projects today. Explanation Explanation Hosting Servers No team will be able to execute effective collaboration if the servers are dead. Be careful when choosing a hosting provider, as you should take into account security levels, downtime statistics, scalability, etc. Explanation http://www.teamlab.com/teamlab.aspx

TeamLab is a universal cloud office. It enables you to manage documents, projects, team and customer relations in one place. In other words, you don't need to switch back and forth between multiple applications to perform different tasks. Here you obtain the single multi-featured system to organize every step of your work. Improving your productivity and optimizing efforts for success.The major TeamLab exclusive is Office Apps. Your work with documents online is no more limited by poor toolset. You get the first full-featured online editor combined with advanced collaboration options. http://www.bloomfire.com/ So, you've looked at content management, file sharing, and social business software, but you're not convinced any of them are the right answer for team collaboration. If only you could combine all three of them for one, super easy-to-use tool that your team will love to use. Bloomfire does just that. Host and organize content, share files, and take your team collaboration efforts to the next level.*Collaborate & iterate on content, using simple authoring and sharing tools.*Organize, tag, and search for content by topic and keyword.*Upload, download, & stream all you want—unlimited file storage included.*Connect with team members in a social online environment.*Get up and running in 60 seconds—no IT guy needed.*Go Mobile—works on PCs, Macs, smartphones & tablets. http://www.diywebco.com/29-steps/4-web-host-server/ Choosing a web host or a server to host your website files and serve them to the web is a decision with so many variables it’s hard to cover them all in one article. So if this is a big deal for you, I suggest that you do your own research in the many forums online where people talk about the best web hosts and share their experience with them. http://www.m10services.com/how-to-choose-a-web-host-server/ Some people think it is just about the concept, and then design and choose a domain name and forget that if you want to be successful in your web business, your web host server choice is a very important part of your preliminary decisions. 9% of the time, then you have to do some research to decide which web hosting company is appropriate for your business. I think that those are credible sources because they’re talking about the same thing, and about those people like Steve jobs and bill gates they were/are actually talented managers who knew whom they can rely on to get things done and everything excellent. I can say that the author of the page was right they have everything in order and the information is accurate. The piece of information was talking about some collaboration software that are available, so I reviewed two of them and you can really simply register an account and coordinate work online using project management software. The basecamp and zoho have everything, and are credible sources because the site has been updated recently, the purpose of the page is obvious, and you can tell from the first page how the site is organized and what options are available. I put two applications of online collaboration software, because the info was telling about the software that provides an environment in which to document, locate, share and collaborate on ideas and topics so these two apps demonstrate those things, how I verified that those were credible sources? Well, first the links are relevant to the subject, the authors and/or maintainers of the site are authorities in their field, and the information is in good taste.
These are credible sources because the info was telling about the importance of chosing a host server, and to be careful, so these pages were telling the same thing about the importance of that, also the page has frequency of planned updates and revisions is stated and the information on the topic is thorough. http://www.diigo.com/list/prismaigz/researching-credible-connections
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