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Skype in the Classroom

Using Skype including Mystery Skype

Mr. Yetter

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Skype in the Classroom

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Being a connected Educator was never so much fun! Skype in the Classroom Skype ! Free software to make video calls to anywhere in the world!

Free download and part
of North Penn's AUP Create Account Easy to do

Create 'Skype Name'

Add to your e-mail signature! Skype in the Classroom! 100's of lessons to sign up
for around the globe!

https://education.skype.com/ Mystery Skype Two popular formats
* Play 20 Questions to determine location
'Are you East of the Mississippi?
May try to locate school
Various jobs for students
Suggest Google Maps on Ipad!

* Cultural Clues!
Give other class clue about your state
A famous resident of our state was Milton Hershey... Mystery Skype
Do's & Dont's! Be sure your location is turned off!

Try not to let any students to the camera with local sports teams! That also applies to posters in classroom!

Suggest students present questions to the teacher before other class (slates work well)

Have 1-2 students act as greeters

Fun to play Rock/Paper/Scissors via Skype to see who goes first! Other Ideas... Book Chats w/ other class

Charades w vocab / spelling words

Parents/Grandparents read from home
or other locale

Be as imaginative as you can! You might be here?! Mystery Skype ... Sign up and browse for connections

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