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Be sure to vote for Yazawa Nico in the upcoming 2016 presidential election!

nico yazawa

on 23 May 2017

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Transcript of VOTE NICO FOR PRESIDENT 2k16

Who are voting for in the election?
Voting for Hillary Clinton? Bad choice.
Why you should vote for Yazawa Nico in the 2016 presidential election
Voting for whatever old white guy the Republicans will have? Bad choice.
If you want to make a good choice this upcoming election....
Vote for Yazawa Nico!!
look at this qt
"Yeah but why weeb"
She's cute af
10x cuter than Obama and the old white guys
She's a really good singer
Go away Bill with your saxophone this is true musical talent
She cares deeply for muse and her siblings.
She was the only person who wanted to keep Muse alive even if she was not in it.
She also loves her siblings very much like ??? Grade A president material right here
"Ok but I still like Obama"
Obama likes Nico!! He thinks she's best girl. If the leader of our country approves so can you
100% legit
She even has presidential experience
She's the president of the idol research club and remained president after everyone left initially (before Muse). Such persistence.
"Why does everyone ditch me"
"Nico's so annoying lmao"
Hate to break this to you but you have really bad taste and shouldn't be voting anyway
In conclusion.....
vote Yazawa Nico for president
she's cute, and probably would be a good politician
do you not like anime girls
"But how would this even work"
Don't question Nico
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