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Tom Gates Book Report

No description

Lisa Sale

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Tom Gates Book Report

About the Author
Tom Gates
Book Report

The author who wrote Tom Gates is Liz Pichon. She lives in England, but she was born in New York. She has a husband and three children. Before she became a writer and illustrator she was in the music industry. She has not only written the Tom Gates series she has written other books too, like I'm Bored, The Three Horrid Little Pigs, Penguins and more.
The book I read is The Brilliant World of Tom Gates.
Short Summary
This book is about a boy and his long life. There is always something going on around him. Either he makes up a lie or excuse for not doing his homework or he annoys his older sister Delia.
Main Characters
By: Nicolette Sale
The Beginning
The Middle
The End
My Reaction of the book
More Pictures
Thank You For Watching!!!
The main characters of the book are Tom Gates, Delia and Derek. The book is all about Tom. He is funny, stubborn, a cheater and more. Delia is Tom's older sister. She is always grumpy and she tries to trick or do something naughty to Tom. Derek is Tom's next door neighbor. They do everything together. They even have their own band. Derek is funny and a lot like Tom.
The setting of the book takes place at Tom's school in his classroom or at the Gate's house in Tom's room.
Tom was in his classroom when they had to change seats. His teacher put him right next to Amy Porter and Marcus Meldrew. He liked sitting next to Amy because he can cheat off her paper but he didn't like sitting next to Marcus because he was nosy and bossy. During the spelling test he would cheat off of Amy's paper. The reason Tom wants to cheat off of Amy's paper is because she is the smartest girl in class and he wants to get good grades.
Tom was online with Derek and he saw that the band Dude 3 was coming to their town! So he told Derek that he wanted to have a sleepover so they could make a plan for their parents to take them to the concert. The plan was to try to be nice and helpful to his parents and Delia. Also he was planning to ask if Amy could come too. The plan was working so far.
Tom's dad got the tickets to go see Dude 3 and Amy said she would come too. So everything was working out until the day of the concert. Derek was over and he brought his dog over too. They were almost ready to leave when they couldn't find the tickets.They looked all over for them. Then they found them in Rooster's (Derek's dog) mouth. They tried to glue them back together but when they arrived at the concert they wouldn't let them in. After that they saw Marcus and his dad and they had extra tickets! But they only had two extra tickets so Amy and Derek went with them. After that Tom started to beg for tickets. Then, surprisingly, he saw his teacher. His teacher said, "I know the manager of Dude 3 so you can come with me." Then he talked to the manager and Tom got to go backstage. He even got to high-five the band members.
I thought this book was great, funny, interesting and cool. I would like to read the whole series of Tom Gates. I would like to read this book again.
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