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Native American Symbolism

No description

Emily Benkowski

on 20 September 2011

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Transcript of Native American Symbolism

Symbolism Common Symbols
Leaf: Wealth
Beaver: Building
Coyote: Humor
Wofl: Wisdom
Rabbit: Fear
Deer: Gentleness/Compassion
Mountain Lion: Wisdom and leadership American Indians used fetishes; an object which is believed to have magic powers.
The purpose was to assist man on any real or potential problems.
The Zuni Indians believe strongly in six cardinal guardian fetishes; badger, bear, mountain lion, wolf, mole and the eagle.
Some wore a line of inlaid stone in the shape of an arrow. This arrow is called the lifeline or heart line. Coral is used it represents all life in the ocean.
Blue stones represent birds of the sky.
Black stones represent the life of the night.
Brown stones stand for the things of the earth and white for winter.
The Macaw feather represent all the color of the earth and sky. The Eagle, considered the messenger to the Creator, plays a significant spiritual role in the American Indian tradition. The Golden Eagle Feather was a possession that instilled great respect among the members of the tribe.
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