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Off-Record Indirectness

Intercultural Pragmatics

Roland Reisner

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Off-Record Indirectness

Off-record Indirectness in Greek Sifianou, M. (1993) ‘Off-record indirectness and the notion of imposition’ Multilingua. 12(1): 69-79. Aims Method Findings Framework
Brown & Levinson, Politeness Theory On-record vs. Off-record Level of off-record indirectness
is the same English 63.5% vs. Greek 65.7%.
But differences in meaning exist Greek social structure is defined by in-group relations (family, friends) with high interdependencies and reciprocal relations Imposition Example

D: The cinema is extremely expensive.
M: How much is it?
D: 700 drachmas.
M: Take money from my purse. Example

F: Have you seen the newspaper anywhere?
D: It's on the small table.
F: Will you go and get it for me. Example

A: Are you going to the university tomorrow?
B: yes. What time shall I pick you up? Conlusion
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