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Advances in Medical Technology

No description

Kanita S.

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Advances in Medical Technology

One of the greatest innovations of the last century are advances in medical technology. Advances in Medical Technology In the Past Unlike the medical innovations today, people used to have to rely on medicine or herbal medicine prescribed by doctors. Medicine did not always work or help the ill completely. Medicine could not help someone with clogged heart arteries, but heart surgery would. Today, we have tools within our reach for those types of surgeries that allow people to live longer. With these innovations in the medical field, sick people would be hard to cure and some peoplewould die earlier than the average life expectancy. My Opinion I believe that the technology developed within the last 100 years from advances in the medical field are the most important innovations.
I believe that this is the most important innovation because it allows people to live longer and happier.
Life is short, so people should not have to worry everyday of their medical conditions. People with asthma or diabetes have to be cautious of what they do, because their life could be at risk.
Hundreds of years ago, people lived from 20-40 years. Today, the average life expectancy is up to
80 years, and medical innovations plays a role in this. Life Without Medical Advances in
Technology Life without proper medical technology would not allow some people to live as long as others. Without shots, people would not be able to protect themselves against diseases. The current populations in many countries would therefore decrease. Examples of
Medical Technology Medical technology advancements also help the loved ones of the sick. Death of a loved one could lead to depression for the person, especially if a young one dies or that person will be left alone. With the advancements, the patient and the people who care about them could live a longer, happier life together. In conclusion, I believe that advances in
medical technology are the most important
innovations of the last 100 years. People can live longer, happier lives without any sickness.
This is one of the most useful advances as well.
Unlike cars or computers, medical technology
saves lives and our planet would be different
from the way it looks now; less people and
more contagious diseases not cured to prevent
from spreading.
Only time can tell what the future holds... The Black Plague was a disease that killed a countless number of people in Europe. Medical advancements might have been able to save many of those people.
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