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Space Spin-Offs

No description

Hannah Guerin

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Space Spin-Offs

Portable Ice Rink

Space Spin-Offs
Portable Ice Rink
What are portable ice rinks?
An ice rink (or ice skating rink) is a frozen body of water and/or hardened chemicals where people can ice skate or play winter sports. Besides recreational ice skating, some of its uses include ice hockey, bandy, rink bandy, ringette, broomball, speed skating, figure skating, ice stock sport and curling as well as exhibitions, contests and ice shows.
On earth..

What are portable ice rinks used for?
For NASA..
Portable ice rinks
Michaela Zarcaro, Marissa Barrett, Hannah Guerin, Ella Hendeson
Portable ice rinks are used in both Space, and on Earth.

For NASA..
On Earth portable ice rinks are
used in amusement parks,
sport arenas, and touring ice
shows. People can also buy them
to put in their backyard.
Portable ice rinks were created by NASA as a result of
their research on solar energy. A portable ice rink is built
on a layer of rubber tubing covered with water.
Chilled antifreeze is pumped through tubes, freezing the water to be smooth as glass. It is created by Calmac Manufacturing Corporation, Englewood, New Jersey, under contract with Marshall Space Flight Center. T
The portable Ice Rink's solar energy was used by NASA. They use special chemicals to help the ice freeze even in extreme temperatures up to 95 degrees. Highly efficient Ice making system derived from technology developed under NASA sponsorship.
Portable ice rinks are used in a variety of ways and are used by multiple family and athletes.
The portable ice rink was used in NASA for...
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