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Brave New World

A presentation of the novel, characters, themes, and author

Michelle Blake

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of Brave New World

Brave New World A novel about a utopian society With BIG Flaws Aldous Huxley When you live in a society whose
motto is "everyone belongs to everyone else" Everyone belongs to everyone. Everyone belongs to everyone. Everyone belongs to everyone. Everyone belongs to everyone. Everyone belongs to everyone. Everyone belongs to everyone. Everyone belongs to everyone. Everyone belongs to everyone. Everyone belongs to everyone. Everyone belongs to everyone. Everyone belongs to everyone. Everyone belongs to everyone. Everyone belongs to everyone. Being different is a problem. Bernard Marx* How scandalous of her,
Apparently she doesn't fit much into society's form either Long story short, she and Bernard get together and go on a date to, of all places, an Indian Reservation Being an novel, there has to be something wrong with this picture and they meet John. John is the son of a former civilized woman named Linda, who, through a series of misadvturnes, ended up trapped in the reservation, pregnant and alone Bernard decides to bring both of them back to civilization. Linda takes this opertunity to rejoice of bring back in civilization and dies of a drug over dose while John becomes increasingly disapointed with this society and finally hangs himself as to be truely free. Now, lets take a moment and point out a few ironies among the characters: Not really a social butterfly
Not exactly prince charming either And then there's
Lenina Crowne* Social butterfly
Sleeps with all her co-workers Alpha-plus, he holds a high status in the conditioning center Seeks what he can't have in life, with ideas about relationships which are not acceptable in this society Generally orthodox, she is considered an outlier in the society for staying with one man for four months John/ The Savage Only charater in the book not from the "World State"
Unhappy with society
Accepts the agonys in life Non-conformists Other Notables Linda Mustapha Mond Thomas Mother of John the Savage
Once rescuded back to the World State she overdoses on soma Controller of the World State/Dictator
Very Literate Head of the hatchery and conditioning center
Turns out to be the father of John the Savage Themes Brave New World exaderates aspects of our society today with the seeking of happiness and the sovlence of pain,
generally through the useage of soma Aldous Huxley shows that a censored society is still capable of "rebelling" against conditioning, identifying a aspect of human nature, freedom of thought *Magic Coincedences* *Bernard Marx alludes to Karl Marx, the father of Marxism, an utopian idea *Lenina without the "a" lends itself to Lenin, who was, coincedentally, a Russian Marxist *The God of this society is referred to as Ford, A.K.A Henry Ford, A.K.A. Guy known for his assembly lines. Welcome to worshiping the Model-T Helmholtz Watson Enjoys solitute but very sociable
Highly literate and writes propaganda Man against society: Bernard doesn't fit in, nor does Helmholtz.
John struggles to understand the "World State's" expections for society
while having his own prejustices from the reservation. 1894-1963 Born in Great Britain, and later moved to California with his wife and child, Maria and Matthew He wrote Eyeless in Gaza, about a man in search of spiritual understanding,
The Devils of Loudun where a bunch of priets are all possessed by the devil, as well as... Terrible Eyesight, excused from WWI
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