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Timeline Project

1st Hour, Conway

Emily Mueller

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Timeline Project

Maya civilization begins. The Mayans establish many large cities. Maya temple built at Plague. Manco Capac founds Cuzco and starts the Inca Empire. Inca Empire expands by conquest of neighboring peoples. Aztecs settle near Lake Texcoco. Moctezuna started rule of the Aztec empire. Moctezuma is killed by Hernan Cortes. (Inca) 1000 Christopher Coulumbus discovers the
Americas for Spain. (Age of Discovery) Viking Leif Erikson explores the coast of
North America. Viking explorer Thorfinn Karlesfini attempts to find a settlement in North America. Vikings abandon the Vinland settlement on the
coast of North America. Alonso Alvarez de Pineda sailed and landed on the
west coast of Florida. (Age of Discovery) Spaniard Ponce de Leon makes
Landfall in Florida. (Early Colonization) Spanish conquistador Hernado de Soto explores
the Mississippi River. (Early Colonization) Spain establishes the first European colony in North America,
St. Augustine, Florida. (Early Colonization) Henry Hudson explores Delaware Bay and New York City Bay. (British Colonial America) Emily Mueller Timeline Project Conway, 1st Hour Mayans A.D. 300 B.C. 200 A.D. 683 1000 1010 1015 Vikings Incans & Aztecs 1200 1250 1438 1440 October 12,
1492 1518 1519 1452 The city of Tenochititlan is destroyed by flood. (Aztec) 1513 Panfilo Narvaez landed around St. Petersburg, Florida. (Age of Discovery) May 1,
1527 1609 Calvert (Lord Baltimore) found Maryland. (British Colonial America) 1585 Roanoke Island colony fails. (British Colonial America) May 16,
1760 French take Fort Ticonderoga. French Siege of Quebec fails. July 8,
1758 July 3,
1754 1541 1565 1634 The French take Fort Necessity. French and Indian War American Revolution Battle of Bunker Hill begins. June 17,
1775 October 7, 1777 American Navy defeated on Lake Champlain. American victory at Battle of Saratoga. October 11,
1776 Constitutional America Britian recognizes the independence of the USA. (Treaty of Paris) 1783 1800 US constitution is written at the Constitutional Convention is Philadelphia. US capital moves to Washington, District of Columbia. 1787 Hernan Cortes The New Republic Lewis and Clark begin expedition. 1804 1811 Congress passes Embargo Act. Battle of Tippecanoe. 1807 War of 1812 Battle of Frenchtown August 16, 1812 War is declared. British attack Detroit. June 18,
1812 January 18,
1812 Mexico War Congress declares war on Mexico. 1846 Battle of Sacramento Battles for the City of Mexico. February 28,
1847 September 13, 1847 Antebellum America U.S. expands territory in Southwest after Mexican-American War. 1848 1850 The California Gold Rush increases the population and wealth of San Fransico and northern California. Collapse of Whig Party. 1849 Civil War Abraham Lincoln is elected President of the U.S.. 1860 April 19,
1861 The Civil War begins. Lincoln orders the blockade of ports in Confederation States. April 12,
1861 THE END!!!!
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