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Telemedicine in Isolated/Remote Areas

-defines telemedicine -social and ethical issues -examples -future

Paige McDonnell

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Telemedicine in Isolated/Remote Areas

What is it? Telemedicine
Isolated/Remote Areas
-specialists aim to bring services to patients instead of having patients come to services Fields that use
telemedicine Cardiology Psychiatry Oncology Dermatology Pathology Neurology Types Store and Forward Real Time Teleradiology Video Conferencing Advantages Disadvantages Helps people in isolated areas receive health care
Reduces pollution
Helps specialists communicate with other specialists in other countries
Educates rookie/amateur doctors
Benefits physically disabled- not necessary to leave home
Weaken geographical barriers Distribution of technology is difficult- not everyone who needs it receives it
Not everyone has access to computer or video monitor
Specialists need to be trained to use telemedicine- not offered everywhere
Language barriers Social and Ethical Issues Reliability Security Privacy Equality of Access Globalization & Cultural Diversity Policies and Standards People and Machines Ethiopia India ? -alternative t0 how we traditionally access healthcare Store and
Forward Real Time -still images, audio feeds, telephone calls, e-mails, video transmissions -electronic or digital communication technologies as a method of delivering medical care -destroy barriers such as distance, location, time, weather, and economics Future The End:)
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