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Henry Hudson

The life of Henry Hudson

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

This is Hudson Huson was born in somwhere in between the 1560's/70's he was left for dead somewhere in between 1611 This is the route that he took to
go to India but he ended up in OUR LAND This is his ship it was called the Halvs Maem In the 1607's to 1608 he travelled north to find Hudson bay (yes it was named after him). Hudson Bay Hudson also discoverd a land called "Hudson Touches" After he died two man called Robert Fatherby and Jonas Poole
discovered "Hudson's Touches" they did not know it was already discovered so they called it "Sir Thomas Smith's island." Today this island is called Jan Mayen. In the 1609 voyage Hudson had
been sent south of
Newfoundland to 5 lakes
which today they are called the "great lakes." Before Hudson came to the Hudson river it was called the "North River" or the "Mauritius."Somehow the name was changed to "Hudson River."

Hudson has discovered many parts of North America
even New York City! Anyways... this was the life of Henry Hudson
The End!!!!! :D Although Henry Hudson was a great explorer the first natives hated him because one of Hudson's crew member stole from the natives. The life of Henry Hudson Whoa it's Henry Hudson! Zzz Cool so he came to
America to find uhh...
gold? No he came to America
because well... the king/queen
of England told him to and that he
loves to explore new lands and
maybe after all that he could get a little gold :P WHOA IM BACK IN TIME!!!!! ...never mind its just a picture BYE!!! Jan Mayen Island
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