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Clarissa Low

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Separation Techniques

Group Members:
Clarissa Low (02)
Said Irfan (33)
Lian Jia Jia (07)
Lee Xin Hui (05)
( Chemistry Project)
Mr Chang have to Separate the mixed- up calcium carbonate, saw dust/wood chips and potassium nitrate.
Floating & Settling

Substance 1

Add water to the mixture (water, potassium nitrate & calcium carbonate).
By using filtration to separate the mixture, you will obtain 2 different substances naming:
Substance 1
: Calcium carbonate and saw dust
Substance 2
: Potassium Nitrate solution

(Calcium Carbonate & saw dust)

Since Calcium carbonate is denser than water, it would sink.
Saw dust would float in water as it is less dense than water.

How do you separate these 2 different substance from each other
Step 1.

pour a beaker of water into the mixture of calcium carbonate & saw dust.
Step 2.
next, the sawdust, which is the “lighter” component rises to the top of the water where it can be skimmed or poured off.
now, What is left in the beaker is the calcium carbonate which sinks in the water.

( Potassium Nitrate)
Evaporate the potassium Nitrate solution and you will obtain the potassium nitrate.
Substance 2


How would you separate this?
saw dust
potassium nitrate

calcium carbonate


Which should Mr Chang remove first?
...And How?
Potassium Nitrate solution
Calcium carbonate & saw dust
Calcium carbonate, saw dust & Potassium nitrate mixture
Evaporating dish
tripod stand
Bunsen Burner
potassium nitrate solution

Now you will get your 3 different substances...
saw dust
calcium carbonate
potassium nitrate
Filter funnel
Filter paper
Conical flask
Calcium Carbonate
the calcium carbonate which sinks
the saw dust which floats on water
step 3
Step 3.

use a filter funnel and filter paper to filter away the calcium carbonate from the water. from here, you will get the calcium carbonate.
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