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andrea alexis chemistry colors

No description

Miss Tanis

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of andrea alexis chemistry colors

chemistry color
by Andrea pastrana
Alexis marceleno Investigation question procedure our investigation question is if the colors change when we add chemicals and other ingredients that will make a gas? in our experiment we mix different ingrediants to make chemistry colors . when the ingrediants mix they make a certain type of gas . That makes a chemical reaction that makes a color .First we get all the materials we need . Then we make a investigation question.After that we make a hypothesis . Then we start our experiment. Lastly we record our data on our data table. Hypothesis My hypothesis is that the color will change
when we add chemicals that can make a
gas and it will probably change color like
in the experiment vinegar and baking soda
it made a chemical reaction. Data that was collected Reflection After our experiment we looked at our data and we realized that Alka seltzer when its in warm water makes the color lighter .We also learned that when Alka seltzer is in cold water it is dark colored. the data is that when we put alka seltzer and baking soda and warm water it makes a light color . When we mix baking soda and cold water it made a dark color. How it can help in life Sometimes if scientist need to do the expierement again it helps because u get data that u dident get data before and it also helps by
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