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Thayallan.Macauley Project

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of CHRISTMAS

Question 1

By: Macauley and Thayallan
14 Days
What Is Christmas
Christmas is the day
that Jesus Christ was
born, although the true date and year of his birth is unclear. This holiday is celebrated worldwide by both Christians and non-Christians. This day is celebrated in various ways all around the world. All who celebrate christmas know the excitement which is expressed while looking forward to this glorious day.
How is Christmas celebrated in Canada

What is the day that Christmas is celebrated and who was born on this day ?
Answer 1

25th of December and the day that jesus was born.
Question 2
How many days till Christmas?
Answer 2
14 days
Question 3
Where is Saint nick
Answer 3

Question 4
What is saint nick known as in dutch ?
Christmas is celebrated
by exchanging gifts and visiting family and friends which is the usual traditions. Kids open presents and it is a day off work for most workers. Some people eat large amounts of food and drinks on christmas day.

Candy Canes
Candy canes are a major part of Christmas .
These pieces of candy were originated from the traditional sugar cane which a priest shaped into a shepherds staff.
Answer 4

Sinter Klass
Question 5
What is the candy cane shaped like?
Answer 5
A shepperds staff
Final Question
(worth 2 candy canes)
Name 3 ways canadians celebrate christmas and what is the british name for Santa ?
The Origin Of Santa Claus
Santa Claus, Father Christmas and all the other figures of christmas were all adopted from Saint Nicholas(Sinter Klass) of the Netherlands. This dutch character was early on known as the Bishop of Myra who died on December 6th 345 CE. He was later on recognized as a saint. St.Nick brought his legacy throughout Europe and became a phenomenon in Europe and worldwide. Coca Cola is a big factor of changing his image into what we now see as Santa Claus; Fat, big white beard, and bright red suit is the image portrayed in childrens minds.
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