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Hatchet-Sequence of events

Book Club Report

Lucas Veres

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet-Sequence of events

Hatchet Sequence of Events 13 year old Brian starts off his adventure
when his pilot has a heart attack and Brian has to land the plane by himself........ Now your probably wondering " why is Brian traveling by himself "? Well Brian is visiting his father who lives in Canada and Brian lives with his mom in New York. So now Brians in the plane and starts to notice the piloit grabbing his shoulder and starts groaning out in pain. Suddenly the piloit looses consciousness and Brian has to crash the bushplane in the lake. By: Luke Veres Now that Brian crashed the plane he swims to shore
exhausted armed only with the hatchet his mom had given him he spends his first night under a lonely tree while the canadian mosquitos bite. So far Brian has been surviving on turtle eggs, rasberries, and these awful berries Brian calls gut cherries but soon makes a bow and arrow and hunts for fish and birds. When Brians asleep he hears a noise.
It sounded like a train getting louder and louder
and the realization hit him.............. A tornado When Brian awakes he finds his
whole shelter des Here is a hatchet Now Brian notices something that was not there
before in the lake. The tail of the plane. The tornado tore it up from the deep waters of the lake. A bush plane Next Brian makes a raft and gets closer
to the plane and spots the emergency kit. Brian
quickly snatches the kit and speeds to shore excited about the contents inside. Inside there is a sleeping bag, a cookset, lighters and matches, a knife and compass, a 22 rifle, a fishing set, and an emergency transmitter which Brian clicked a few times but nothing happened. Brian bursting with joy at the amazing gifts
decides to make a yummy lunch when he hears
a plane engine and someone walks through his shelter. Finally someone has rescued him. The piloit took Brian to one of his parents
and Brian was finally home. Soon after news reporters were swarming Brian and the scene of the crash. One person even tried to write a book but it didn't work out. One thing's for sure, Brians a-lot skinnier then before the crash.. Brians body consumed 17% of his body weight and Brian soon found out that he was gone for fifty days. But that doesn't matter to him he was finally home. Works Cited Title: Hatchet
Auther: Gary Paulsen
Copyright date: 1987
Publishing City: 375 Hudson street, New York, New York 10014 Turtle eggs This is a 22 rifle
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