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avid Binder

No description

ruth aguilera

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of avid Binder

By: Ruth Sherly Crystal Katerin And Serena Avid Binder Every student in AVID is obligated to have a 2 inch binder. ^The binder helps the student to be organized at all times and so it wont get mixed with different papers and not knowing were all of them are supposed to go. Being organized helps your education. Avid .... Decades Of College
Dreams.C; A-Advanced
D-Determination 2" Heavy Duty Binder
Pencil Pouch
2 Pencils, 2 Pens, 1 Highlighter
Glue Stick And Colored Pencils
Homework Folder Or Section In Binder Avid Binder Necessities. Every AVID student is required to have a binder to keep all their papers in from all 7 classes. Every Friday the teacher will have a binder check witch means in your binder you should have the following items. (in order)
Pencil pouch
Home Work Folder Or Section
RNJH Planner
All 7 Class Dividers
All 4 Course Class Subdividers
All Papers Filed In Binder In Rings (No Loose Papers)
NotebookPaper Why You Need A Binder? In order for for you to be a organized AVID student you also will need a pencil pouch .You will need a pencil pouch to organize your pencils and pens and colored pencils and highlighters. So in your pouch the teacher will be looking for......
5 Or More Colored Pencils
2 Pencils
1 Highlighter
Glue Or Tape Why You Need A Pencil Pouch. Introduction We all have that one homework assignment we work really hard on but when we go look for it to turn it in we find out we lost it.:C Well thats why AVID students need a homework folder so that,that one homework or any homework at all will never get lost. Why You Need A HW Folder. You need a divider for all 7 of your classes even your electives. You need to have all your papers in your binder rings the teacher will not accept any loose papers. In order to pass AVID you always need to be organized. Why You Need Dividers In Your Binder.
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