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Mapping Interdisciplinary Pathways through the Curriculum

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Jennifer Magee

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Mapping Interdisciplinary Pathways through the Curriculum

Mapping Interdisciplinary Pathways through the Curriculum*
You will find examples of course clusters you might take through Tri-Co: Swarthmore, Haverford, and/or Bryn Mawr Colleges.
For each area of interdisciplinary area of study...
ANTH 112 Cities, Spaces, Power
ENGL 009K FYS: The Image of the City
HIST 065 01 Cities of (Im)migrants
HIST 90E On the Other Side of the Tracks: Black Urban Community
SOCI 040 Race and Place
SOCI 006 Down but Not Out: The Social Problems of Philadelphia

Urban Studies @ Swarthmore
ANTH 116 Anthropology of Capitalism
ECON 073. Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Economics
HIST 50 The Making of the American Working Class
HIST 135 Labor and Urban History
POLI 106 The Urban Underclass and Public Policy
SOCI 6 Rich and Poor
SOCI 36C Sociology of U.S. Labor Movements
SOCI 38C Sociology of the Economic Life

Social Class & Social Justice @ Swarthmore
ANTH 043 Culture, Health, Illness
ANTH 133 The Anthropology of Biomedicine
ECON 065 01 Health, Conflict & Public Policy
HIST 084 01 Modern Addiction: Smoking in 20th Century
SOCI 008G First-Year Seminar: Science in Public Life

Public Health @ Swarthmore
ANTH 237 Environmental Health
BIO 210 Biology and Public Policy
BIO 262 Urban Ecosystems
EDUC 1654 Empowering Learners-Health Literacies in Context
GNST 201 Nutrition, Smoking, & Cardiac Health
HIST 2375 History of Medicine in America
SOCL 222 Medicine, the Body, and Society

Public Health @ Bryn Mawr
ANTH 248 Race, Power, Culture
CITY B205 Social Inequality
GNST 403 Peace, Conflict, Social Justice
SOCL B 238 Perspectives on Urban Poverty
SWSR 218 Perspectives on Inequality in the US

Social Class & Social Justice @ Bryn Mawr
ANTHB229001 Topics in Comparative Urbanism
ANTHB359001 Topics Urban Culture/Society-Global Borderlands
BIO 262 Urban Ecosystems
CITYB104001 Agriculture & Urban Revolution
CITY B185 Urban Culture and Society
CITY B204 Economics of Local Environmental Programs
CITYB215 Urban Economics
CITY B230 Urban Sociology
CITYB266 Schools in American Cities
CITY B299 Topics in Comparative Urbanism: Global Exurbia
CITYB329 Advanced topics in Urban Environments: Sensing the City
CITYB329 Advanced Topics in Urban Environments: Undocumented Places

Urban Studies @ Bryn Mawr
ANTH 200 Viruses, Humans, Vital Politics: An Anthropology of HIV & AIDS
ANTH 260 Cultures of Health & Healing
ICPR 221 Epidemiology and Global Health
ICPR 281 Violence and Public Health
ICPR 302 Bodies of Injustice: Health, Illness and Healing in Contexts of Inequality
PSYC 327 Supersized Nation: Understanding and Managing America’s Obesity Epidemic

Public Health @ Haverford
ENGL H300 Advanced Topics in Peace, Justice and Human Rights
ICPR H310 Bodies of Injustice
ICPR H216Social Justice Traditions: 1960s to Occupy Wall Street
ICPR H311 Reproductive Health and Justice
ICPR H244 Quaker Social Witness
ICPR H310 Restorative Justice: Designing Justice, Designing Spaces
PEAC H101 Introduction to Peace, Justice and Human Rights
PEACH201Applied Ethics of Peace, Justice and Human Rights
PEACH300B01Advanced Topics in Peace, Justice, and Human Rights : Debt, Justice and Sovereignty
PEAC H395 Global Justice

Social Class & Social Justice @ Haverford
SOCL H150 Sociology of Immigration: Immigration to the U.S.
Urban Studies @ Haverford
These are just a few examples of interdisciplinary course clusters.

Consider mapping other interdisciplinary pathways throughout Tri-Co, such as human rights, LGBTQ, immigration, and more.
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