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The Beat Generation

RH102 Presentation

Liam Santamaria

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of The Beat Generation

THE BEAT GENERATION T H E POETS THE MASS MEDIA IDENTITY '51 FORD AD 7-UP AD VASELINE AD ALLEN GINSBERG JACK KEROUAC WILLIAM BURROUGHS - Jack Kerouac OBSCENITY TRIAL Judge Clayton Horn ruling. "ON THE Set precedent for 50's America. VERSUS THE BEAT Found within connecting to inner self. Use of literary images against media images. IDENTITY CRITICISMS Works were lost on critics. Norman Podhoretz &
"The Know Nothing Bohemians" "Cult of the Unthink" "The Bored, the Bearded, and the Beat" "Squaresville USA vs Beatsville" MEDIA Herb Caen and the Beatnik (1957) The Beat Responses The Death of the Beat Generation Commercialism of the Beatnik "HOWL" ROAD" MANIPULATION
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