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Perfect by: Natasha Friend

Book Talk

Maggie O'Connell

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of Perfect by: Natasha Friend

"Perfect," by Natasha Friend is a book about a 13 year old girl named Isabelle who is dealing with some conflicts in her life. Her father died and no one wants to talk about it. April, Isabelle's sister, who used to be nice, but screwed everything up my telling their mom about Isabelle's eating disorder. At school Ashley Barnum, the most popular girl, starts talking to Isabelle.
In, "Perfect," the book mainly takes place at her house, group therapy, and her at her friend Ashley's house.
Main Characters
Isabelle Lee
Ashley Barnum
April Lee
Elizabeth Lee
Main Conflict
Man vs. Self
Rising Actions
April discovers a secret and then tells her mom about Isabelle's eating disorder.
Isabelle joins group therapy as part of "the deal" with her mom.
Ashley and Isabelle become friends.
In the beginning of the book, Isabelle has to join group therapy to help her deal with many life stressors. To her surprise, Ashley Barnum, the most popular girl in school, is also in group therapy. They are both struggling with an eating disorder and begin to develop a strong friendship. Isabelle's mom is depressed and isn't really available to her daughters. Isabelle and April have a surprise Hanukkah party in honor of their dad for their mom, Elizabeth. This really turns the story around. Toward the end of the book, Elizabeth realizes she needs to see a therapist to not only help herself, but her daughters.
By: Natasha Friend

Book Talk by: Maggie O'Connell
Isabelle Lee
Isabelle is the main character in the book. In the beginning of the book she hides her feelings about her father's death and keeps her eating disorder a secret. Towards the end, she is able to open up her feelings to her new best friend Ashley and Trish, the group therapy leader. She is a dynamic character.
Ashley Barnum
April Lee
Elizabeth Lee
Ashley is the most pretty and popular girl in school. Isabelle and Ashley make an unexpected connection and become friends in group therapy. They began to hang out all the time. After a few weeks, they are best friends who tell each other everything.
April Lee, AKA Ape Face, is Isabelle's little sister. She used to be a nice sister but now she is the reason Isabelle feels she has to go to group therapy. April is the one who told Isabelle's secret to their mom. April is worried about her mother who just can't seem to get over her father's death, but she then realizes, she isn't over it either.
Elizabeth is the mother of Isabelle and April. Ever since her husband's death, she isn't who she used to be. She doesn't sleep, she just cries and sometimes, she will cry all day long. She struggles to help herself deal with the grief as well as her daughters. Toward the end she realizes she needs help from the idea of her sister and sees a therapist.
Trish is the group therapy leader. She tries to help Ashley, Isabelle and the other girls in group develop self confidence and she helps to teach them to conquer their eating disorders. She also works with Isabelle one-on-one to help her get through her grief of losing her dad.
Isabelle is fighting with herself. It is an internal struggle that she is having to deal with many emotions. She is struggling to deal with her feelings over her dad's death, she has low self-esteem, and has developed an eating disorder.
The book, "Perfect," by Natasha Friend is an excellent book. It is a story of a girl trying to cope with the loss of her father, developing an unexpected yet wonderful friendship, and discovering the difference between appearance and reality.
Point of View
First Person
Isabelle is telling the story.
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