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Major paper 2

No description

Jana Clarissetine

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Major paper 2

New Trends in Learning English Language Language is the most important means in communicating. English is a universal language Learning the English language is very important. Today, we live in a global community where everyone else is aware of and is at easy reach through technology. Through technology, there had been a lot of techniques, methods and new trends used and developed in order for everyone else to learn the language in an easy and simple way. A student should not exclude the possibility of integrating a phonetic exercise to boost his awareness of where the stress goes on words in another language
(Ecrivan) Ask your company to start English lessons.
(Alex Case) Watch English language films with English subtitles.
(Maxine) Keep a diary in English.
(siva_85) Second, there had been video and audio lessons on language learning made available through the Internet. Because of the old way in which one can learn the English language, thirdly, talking dictionaries and translators were created to help improve our learning of the English language. The internet helps people in learning a different language. First, there are a lot of courses in language learning offered through the Internet.
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