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How did Jacob Riis change government and society?

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Sofia Silva

on 24 May 2015

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Transcript of How did Jacob Riis change government and society?

How did Jacob Riis change government and society?
Jacob Riis
Jacob Riis changed the government by changing the way society viewed the lower class. His photographs started the Progressive Movement and and changed the way government worked.
Thank you!
How the Other Half Lives
Riis wrote the book
His Reviews In the Social Media
Progressivism arose because of his views in the social media. Progressivies were people that wanted to help improve the living conditions for the urban poor and the questioned the power and practices of businesses. They also called for the government to be more honest and responsive to people's needs.
Riis' Other Achievements
Riis went on to write many other books, among them
Theodore Roosevelt: The Citizen (1900)
The Battle With the Slum (1902)
Children of the Tenements (1903)
The Making of an American (1901)
May 3, 1849-May 26, 1914
(aged 65)

How the Other Half Lives.
He photographed the part of America that people did not know existed and published pictures in the newspaper and in his book. (U.S. History 1 Book pg170) He wanted he people of America to see how horrible it was for others.
Riis had a series of odd jobs, he became a police reporter, a job that utilized his photography skills. His interest in New York City's tenement life and the harsh conditions people living there had to go through, he used his camera to try to change the peoples perspectives on the lower class.
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