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Reference Materials and Text Features

No description

Denise Testerman

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Reference Materials and Text Features

Reference Materials and Text Features
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
A book of words, their definitions, pronunciation, part of speech, and word origin
Entry words are in bold print
Organized alphabetically
Guide words at the top of the page
First and last words on the page
Sentence using the word being defined
A book of synonyms
Can be used to make your writing more interesting
Antonyms may also be included
Arranged alphabetically
Guide words are at the top of the page showing the first and last word on that page
Entry words are in bold print
A sentence using the entry word
Table of Contents
At the beginning of a book
Mostly in nonfiction books, but some fiction books will have a table of contents as well.
Lists the title of chapters
Lists the page numbers on which each chapter is found
When might using the table of contents be useful?
An index tells you where to find topics in an informational book
Found in the back of the book
Arranged alphabetically
Tells you the names of the topic and the page number where it can be found
Think of a time an index would be useful.
A mini dictionary in the back of a non-fiction book
Specific to the topic of the book
Arranged alphabetically
Will only give the definition of the way it is used in the book
Let's take a closer look!
Locate the word "FAULT"
What page number?
What are the guide words?
How many definitions?
Which definition is a verb?
Write a sentence using the word fault.
Let's Practice Using the Thesaurus!
Locate the word "CHEAP".
What page number?
What are the guide words?
List one synonym.
Is there an antonym? If, so, what is an antonym?
Practice with the Table of Contents, Index, and Glossary
Use the The Nystrom Atlas of United States History
Locate the Table of Contents. On what pages would you find information about the American Revolution?
Turn to the Glossary. For what is D-Day an abbreviation?
Turn to the Index. What is Williamsburg? In what state is it located? On which pages would you find Williamsburg on a map?
What would you use?
to find the chapter about "Government and Politics" in South Carolina?
to find a synonym for the word RUN?
to find the definition or pronunciation of a word in the fiction book you are reading?
to find the specific page with information about Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion?
to find a definition for a word in your Social Studies book?
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