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No description

Tiffany Scoles

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Tanning

To Die For To Die For: The Semiotic Seductive Power of the Tanned Body
By: Phillip Vannini and Aaron McCright Magazine: Glamour
Date: February 4th, 2013
Advertisement: Dolce & Gabbana Background Information:
His and her scents “Light Blue.”

“Return to the drama in the form of a new campaign, once again directed by world-renowned photographer Mario Testino. Welcome back Light Blue idol David Gandy, introducing the ravishing Anna Jagodzinska as his scintillating new partner in-crime. The third character is the island of Capri, scene of so many romances. Under Testino’s visionary direction, David and Anna create a ledged of Capri and the ultimate Light Blue love affair.”

According to: http://www.dolcegabbanalightblue.com Visual Literacy What do you think? Is it an affective ad?

What does the image portray? What is symbolized? of or pertaining to signs Opening Facts
The first tanning salon opened in 1978.
USA has more than fifty thousand tanning salons.
Generating over four billion in gross revenues a year.
The "need" to be tan started in the 1920's, but commercialized tanning became popular in the 80's. Two Main Stances The Medical Frame
The Seduction Frame American Medical Association
American Association of Dermatology
American Cancer Society
Skin Cancer Foundation
National Cancer Institute
Federal Trade Commission
Food and Drug Administration
Center for Disease Control and Prevention The Medical Frame

Proponents claim that decades of research finds that prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB radiation cause skin cancer. Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.
Therefore, tanning is deemed an extremely risky behavior! American Academy of Dermatology has publicly discouraged tanning.

The American Medical Association has requested a ban on the sale of artificial tanning equipment. Seduction Frame "We are an image-centered culture based more than ever before on the power and widespread acceptance of seduction." Do you agree? "Through our bodies we preform, express, and present ourselves, and others judge our appearances and performances." What do you think is expressed when you tan, or see a tan body? Indoor Tanning Association
The Tanning Association
National Tanning Training Institute
International Smart Tan Network
Beauty Professionals
Popular Magazines
Tanning Saloons

They claim than sun exposure and tanning does not cause skin cancer, and that in all actuality suntanning dramatically reduces the risks of many other types of cancer. Proponents claim that regular bronzing of the skin will increase a person's physical attractiveness and overall mental and physical health. They claim that a suntan will heighten your physical beauty, help you look more athletically fit, and improve yourself esteem and self-confidence. In addition, sunlight may help people live longer, healthier lives because of the vitamin D provided. As according to the yellow pages…

How Many Tanning Saloons in Duluth?

Keeping in mind that most gyms provide tanning facilities. In the state of Minnesota you must be at least 16 years of age to tan without parental consent. If under 16 you must have a parent or guardian sign a consent form on your first visit.
What would you do?
Tanning for the One You Love

Is an American TV news magazine broadcast on ABC

Particular episode ran 09/21/2012. ITA

Tanning Saloons in Duluth: 20

Gyms with the option of tanning: 66

Approximately 86 places to tan,
not including places like my
apartment complex- which also
offers use of a tanning bed.
What Would You Do? SO... Questions Do you feel the pressure to tan or be tan? What do you think of the reasons that the participants in the article gave- for why they tanned?
-Makes a person look thinner
-Gives the allusion that the person is more "put together"
-Gives the body more definition- more shaped and lean
-Connotes positive characteristics such as youthfulness, sexiness, sociability, affluence, and healthiness.
-Tanning for a base tan
Do you agree? What do you think about the need for a tan to look "natural" and not orange? Duluth, MN THE END Melanoma
http://www.melanoma.org/advocacy/tanning-can-give-you-skin-cancer Thanks Discussion Leader: Tiffany Scoles
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