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I / C / O 3D Graphics Modelling

Presentation I/C/O

James Abell

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of I / C / O 3D Graphics Modelling

INPUT / CREATE / OUTPUT INPUT CREATE OUTPUT If you want to learn 3d, I can teach you -
3d Max, Blender, Game Engine creation, 3d Game studio, Unity,
123d catch, 123d make, textures....
3d tuition/consulting to suit you online/face to face... Today, we can choose from many 3d modelling/animation applications - 3ds Max, Maya, Z-brush.... Even free ones like Blender achieve professional results. They are all great applications depending on the skills of the user. In recent years, 3d applications have been revolutionized by what you can INPUT into them, what you can CREATE within them and what you can OUTPUT from them into the physical world. This means that for many, including animators, modellers, artists, engineers, architects, 3d software is an invaluable asset for creative people today. This presentation shows only some of the things that are possible.... 3d Computer Graphics Animations -
Structures Like the Leaves by James Abell Real time 3d -
Cadiz realtime 3d by James Abell Visualizations -
Honeybee by James Abell Sketches -
use sketches in 3d applications
as a reference CAD models -
import models into
3d applications to use as a proxy
or a finished model 123d Catch -
This automatically creates a mesh with textures in lightning
speed from photographs using 123d Catch High end 3d scanning -
real life objects instantly scanned sending our 3d models to high end 3d printing companies
ie shapeways.com Pepakura - turn 3d meshes into a net and use the fold and
glue paper modelling technique If you think about it, 123d Catch is amazing. Why? Modelling takes a long time, with 123d Catch we can get instant models, or use them as reference models to make new ones. Sculptors for example could find this useful , make an artwork in reality, scan it into 3d, scale it up or down to print in 3d at a larger or smaller size. Create 3d, including modelling/lighting/rigging/animation using today's 3d applications. The speed and capabilities are constantly improving. We can make complex shapes in 3d and realize them in the physical world.
This is amazing as it allows sculptors, industrial designers and other users to make complex 3d models in reality. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES
The future will only bring more opportunities
for your creativity! 123d Make - output as a layer or slot model, see animation below We can now output 3d meshes/models from the screen into reality. This is revolutionary, we can do this by.... info@jamesabellart.com
James Abell (C) 2012
coming soon shapeways results of bees and ants, Pepakura and
Make 123d models of honeybee and ant in reality! Join me on twitter
facebook or blogspot to keep up to date. presentation by James Abell
www.jamesabellart.com www.croftongraphics.co.uk (c) 2012 Today, we can divide the 3d process into three main factors
I ....
C ....
these stand for= = = = The information from the real world or other software that we can input
into the 3d applications. Including... 3ds Max-
modelling a Honeybee by James Abell
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