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Tyler P and Brian C

No description

lib hist

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Tyler P and Brian C

Company Logo
Medal of Honor
Tyler P and Brian C
Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor is the most prestigeous award a soldier can recieve, and only 3400 people have recieved it. It was mostly recieved by men who have given thier lives to help their country. All recipients have gone way beyond the call of duty.
All four men showed amazing amounts of courage, honor, valor, and patriotism. They have gone way above and beyond the call of duty. They put their country above themselves and laughed in the face of danger. All four men deserved the medal of honor for their amazing efforts during battle
George Benjamin
George Benjamin was a radio operator. He risked his life to help men get to cover. He killed 3 enemys on the way, trying to help his fellow soldiers. After, he was shot and mortally wounded. He was evacuated to an aid station. Even while he was wounded he told the battiolion operations to report to the location of enemy weapons.
Courage- After he was shot he still helped the US advance in the war.
Charles G Abrell
Michael R. Blanchfield
Blanchfield risked his life and wend above and beyond the call of duty. He was on combat patrol in Company A which were patroling houses for suspects, when Blanchfield saw someone run toward the treeline. The man threw a grenade toward a hut and it exploded near blanchfield and his men. Though severly wounded they ran towards the man. He threw another grenade and this time Blanchfield threw himself onto the grenade.
Patriotism- He showed patriotism when he signed up for the draft/was enrolled into the army and fought for his country.
All four men put their country above themselves. They all risked their lives to help their country. George Benjamin , Charles Abrell, and Michael Blanchfield all took their lives to protect their country and their squad members. The fourth man , Manuel Perez destroyed 11 of 12 pillboxes against the Japanese. The medal of honor is the most highly prestigous medal and these men deserve it.
Manuel Perez
Manuel Perez was a lead scout for company A. His group had destroyed 11 our of 12 pillboxes. By himself he killed 5 Japanese soldiers in the pillboxes. All together he killed 18 of the enemies. He helped his company proceed towards the objective.
Valor- Even after he was in the face of danger he still helped other soldiers.
Charles G Abrell was awarded the medal of honor because of his great showing of gallentry. Charles was a fire team leader in Company E, in action against Korean forces. Abrell voluntarily rushed through the intense fire of the assaulting squad. Though terribly wounded Abrell and his men came to an enemy bunker Abrell pulled the pin on his grenade and without even thinking jumped into it with the grenade still ticking.
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