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Radiation from various sources

An attempt to put things in perspective.

David Fendrich

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Radiation from various sources

10 minutes next to the Chernobyl reactor core after explosion and meltdown. Maximum The outer outline of these brackets shows the proportional dose from various radiation sources The text is ripped more or less verbatim from http://xkcd.com/radiation. (50 Sv) Sievert, or Sv, the unit which dose equivalent is measured in. It attempts to reflect the biological effects of radiation as opposed to the physical aspects. Fatal dose, even with treatment Severe radiation poisoning, in some cases fatal Dose causing symptoms of radiation poisoning, if received in a short time Lowest one-year dose clearly linked to increased cancer risk Maximum yearly dose permitted for US radiation workers Chest CT scan Normal yearly background dose, ~85% received from natural sources and nearly all the rest from medical scans. Maximum external dose from Three Mile Island accident. Living in a stone, brick or concrete building for a year Chest x-ray Background dose received by an average person during one normal day Extra dose from one day in an average town near the Fukushima plant Using a CRT monitor for a year Eating one banana (8 Sv) (2 Sv) (0.4 Sv) (0.1 Sv) (0.05 Sv) (0.0058 Sv) (0.00365 Sv) (0.001 Sv) (0.0007 Sv) (0.00002 Sv) (0.00001 Sv) (0.0000035 Sv) (0.000001 Sv) (0.0000001 Sv) The numbers include the effects from ingested and inhaled radioactive material, as expected over 50 years. I tried to check, but there may be errors. Governments of the world - don't base your nuclear power strategy on this presentation, before doing extra fact checking. Note!
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