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Immune effect

the affect the Lymphatic Immune system has on other organ systems

Michael Phillips

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Immune effect

Immune System Lymphs Thymus Lymphs Bone Marrow Lymphs Lymphatic system Thymus Lymph Bone Marrow Lymph (B lymph) white blood cells Helper T cells Killer
cells Antibodies Mucus associated lymphoid tissues Memory cells Memory cells Suppressor T cells Most Lymph nodes are
located in and around the
gastrointestinal area Tonsils are mucus associated
tissues that produce antibodies In accordance with it name B-lymph is made in
side of bone marrow. THE T USCLES Lymph travels through this opening through the toracic duct
Blood is filtered in the spleen, where damaged red blood cells are removed from the blood The thoracic duct starts at the base of the spine. Lymph is pulled from the lower limbs pelvis lower abdomen and lower chest up through the spine The lymph that the thoracic
duct pulled from the body is brought
up to the lymph nodes near the
left side of the neck and
empties into a large vein Careers Through the contractions and the flexions of muscles
Lymph is pushed through the body. Immunologists at Duke found out
that the appendix is a "safe harbor"
for infection fighting Lymph cells Immunologists Average Income
4 or less years- $98,264
between 5 and 9-$177,653
10+ years-$250,493 Bioengineers Starting salary $61,000 Homeostasis Eat foods with a high alkalinity
ex. Lemons and apple cider vinegar
(dont drink vinegar, use it) Get personal sleep requirement Get plenty of protein Stay away from saturated fats Stay away from coffee Raw fruits and vegetables Do Don't
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