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Telling Tales:

No description

Rebecca Mayers

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Telling Tales:

Telling Tales:
Stephen Denning

The Power of Narrative
-Drives business thinking
-Inspires people
-Shares knowledge
Tales of Success and Failure
-Negative stories can be more powerful
-Learn from mistakes rather than success
Storytelling Catalog
1. Sparking Action-Successful change, avoid detail
2. Communicating who you are-strength of vulnerability
3. Transmitting Values-Familiar, believable
4. Fostering Collaboration
5. Taming the Grapevine-Gentle humor, avoid being mean-spirited
6. Sharing Knowledge-How they were corrected, solutions
7. Leading for the Future
A Collective Yawn
-Why things happened
-Beware of tone
The Future of Business Storytelling
-Taking them there in their imaginations
-Essential leadership skill

Rebecca Mayers, Beverley Brush, Travis Cross,
Martha Dobowolski, Graham Gilruth,
Mattew Mayer, Emily Wilmot

Shark Tank
-Use of visual aids
-Structure of the article
-How the story teller would tell it otherwise

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