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Mark Hopkins

No description

on 5 March 2017

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Transcript of Mark Hopkins

Where did he live?
His family moved to St. Claire, Michigan when he was just 10 in 1824 and he only attended school until the age of 15 when he father passed away in 1828. From this point forward Hopkins spent much of his younger years working in business, first as a merchant at the age of 16 and soon after starting his own company, Hopkins & Hughes, upon moving back to New York. After this venture he eventually became manager of the firm James Rowland & Company. While modestly successful with these early careers and also trying a brief but unsuccessful stint in law in 1837, Hopkins, like the rest of the "Big Four" group, decided to head west with the California Gold Rush that hit the country in 1849.
Mark Hopkins was a lawer together with Collis Huntington, Charles Crocker, Leland Stanford, and Theodore Judah.
How did Mark hopkins build the railroad? There was a American railroad and civil engineer called Theodore judah, he said that him and another large group of people were planning to make a railroad across the USA and they did not have enough money. He wanted mark, charles, collis, and leland to invest them. The four investors thought it was a good idea, because they thought they would end up whith more money than they had before.
Mark Hopkins
Mark Hopkins formed a railroad called the Central Pacific Railroad along with Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker, and Collis Huntington in 1861.
How did he get to CA?
Mark Hopkins was a New York City bookkeeper when he caught word of gold. He immediately got himself to Sacramento and headed north to prospect. Rumors of misfortune in the mountains ahead caused him to return to the city. Hopkins scraped together a living selling supplies in the countryside. Soon, he owned a grocery store. In 1856 he partnered with K Street neighbor Collis Huntington.
Mark hopkins was born on september 1, 1813, Henderson, NY, and died on
March 29, 1878, Yuma, AZ.
I hope you learned something about Mark Hopkins!
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