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No description

Chammy Cabancla

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of Instagram

Why is it important?
How it's different:
Why should we care?
They give brands the ability
to reach an engaged audience
deliver messages

in a focused visual experience and publish content in a creative, high-quality environment.
Instagram facts:
How have we used it?
Countries with the most users:
New York City is the most Geo-tagged city
If the dominant colour is
the amount of likes increases by 24%.
Most popular brand:
Instagram has more than
300 million monthly active users
who spend an average of
257 minutes a month
on the platform. This means you can reach a large audience quickly and effectively; especially through the use of

Instagram is boasting roughly
60 times higher engagement than Facebook

Instagram Ads
From photo and video ads to carousel ads
that allow brands to tell a deeper story and provide a link for people to learn more.

Carousel ads
allow the brand/company to upload more than one image on their advertisement giving them more
and the option for viewers to swipe
left and look into the ad more.
Viewers will also be able to take direct action from an ad with the use of different buttons including;
a sign up, a buy/shop now, download/install and learn more button
Hashtags like

are used to connect a community of users: a community of (amateur) photographers and curators.
Unlike Facebook, this
community chronicles their hobbies and interests through

Instagram Basics:
However, Instagram will start by opening the Ads API to only a select group of Facebook marketing partners and angencies which will expand globally in the future.
On average Bloggers with
100,000 followers costs $500- $5000
a post.

6 million + followers?
$20,000 to $100,000/shot
. #what #changingcareers #bye #jk

Industry estimates say brands spend more than a $1 billion per year on sponsored Instagram posts, specially on fashion.
Insta ads will let us:
Expand our instagram reach in a lower cost
Give us more control over campaigns
Monitor ads and campaign performance
Offer more engagement to clients.
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