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Best Practices in School Website Management

Telling Your School's Stories

Bonnie Leedy

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Best Practices in School Website Management

Telling Your School's Stories
Best Practices in School Website Management
Schools Then & Now
Good ol' days
captive audience
fully funded
supportive parents
Today's Tougher Crowd
increased competition
news media scrutiny
cynicism & lack of trust
changed demographics
Nation at Risk, 1983

TIMSS, 1995
1970: 4 million more school age children than adults

1996: 33 million more adults than school age children

2011: 254 million more adults than school age children
Your website's critical role today?
Let it tell your story
Say hello! Welcome to our home.
Introduce the family. Get to know us. (about us, staff, etc.)
Invite them in (our schools). Why choose us?
Join the fun (participate)
Take them on a tour (departments)
Check out the neighborhood (helpful links, local attractions, FAQ)
Thanks for visiting. Please come back again. (contact us, maps, directions)

Now that we know who you are, let us provide more info:
Category links (parents, students, staff, community)
3-click rule
Future flexibility (Latest News, What's New)
Avoid bad storytelling
Don't be rude
Don't be unwelcome
Don't be selfish
Respect my personal space
Respect my intelligence
District Website Content Tips
School Website Content Tips
Content & Story Development
Set-up a process
Informative Articles
Recruit content experts
Provide templates
Reward participation
Management & Updates
Develop styleguides
Train and retrain
Recruit for skills & attitude
Edit & proof
Gathering & Telling Your Stories
Craft your stories in everyday language.
Story helps us learn what we need to learn, find out what we need to know, remember what we need to remember.
A good story lives on. Whoever tells a story wins.
Schools need to start to win--win in perception, trust, support, belief, and enthusiasm.
Get handouts at www.bestpractices.schoolwebmasters.com

Sign up for our monthly newsletters at our website (download the 3 Keys article)

Get free website evaluation on our website (Contact/Site Evaluation)

Contact us at: Bonnie@SchoolWebmasters.com or
Thank you for attending!
Or, in other words, effectively...
It guides your brand development
Authentic stories improve education
Positive & truthful stories build trust and strengthen reputations
Your website's role as storyteller
Develop narratives that relate to:
Customers = parents & students
Prospects = new parents & students
Investors = tax payers & legislators
Media = news, TV, social media, PTA, gossips
Employees = classified, certified, volunteers
Positioning Story (rebranding strategy)
Ask these questions:
What is the story you want to communicate?
Does the story link to the goal you need to achieve?
Is the story relevant to your audience? Remember WIIFT.
Can you express it in a way that creates interest & value?
Strategy versus Story. Know the difference.
does not
inspire staff, convert parents, or shape public perception.
Stories and conversations make strategy relevant.
Stories create deeper engagement with our audiences.
Stories help you market your school better.
Stories are content, but content is not necessarily a story.
Stories are the basis of conversation marketing.
Train PR Ambassadors
Provide examples of successes.
Reward participation.
Use templates.
Say thank you.
Pictures and videos speak volumes.
Let social media reinforce your website strategies
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