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Oh My the Generation Gap...at work.

No description

Kenny Rambo

on 18 October 2017

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Transcript of Oh My the Generation Gap...at work.

Oh My the Generation Gap
4 Things That Define Us
Generation X
Generation Y
1. Parenting Trends
2. Technology
3. Economics
4. Life Span
Baby Boomers
Born 1946-1964

Major Events:

JFK Assassination
MLK Assassination
Vietnam War
First Man on the Moon
Born before 1945...

Major Events:
Great Depression
World Wars
Mandatory Social Security
Born 1965-1976

Major Events:

Dawn of the Digital Age
AIDS Epidemic
End of the Cold War
Born 1977 -1990

Major Events:

Challenger Explosion
First Gulf War
9/11 Terrorist Attacks
By 2020, nearly 1/2 of the workforce will be comprised of Generation Y. They will be between the ages of 30 & 43, more and more, they will be influencers in your community, sought after customers and the leaders of your organizations.
Predictions for Gen Z aka Plurals
Last to see a "caucasian majority", likely to be highly open to diversity.
Least likely to believe in the American Dream.
Sizable percentage is expected to go a non-traditional route for post-secondary education.
65% will work in jobs that don't exist today.
Kenny Rambo - Heartland Communications Consultants, Inc.
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