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Oh My the Generation Gap...at work.

No description

Kenny Rambo

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Oh My the Generation Gap...at work.

Oh My the Generation Gap
4 Things That Define Us
Generation X
Generation Y
1. Parenting Trends
2. Technology
3. Economics
4. Life Span
Baby Boomers
Born 1946-1964

Major Events:

JFK Assassination
MLK Assassination
Vietnam War
First Man on the Moon
Born before 1945...

Major Events:
Great Depression
World Wars
Mandatory Social Security
Born 1965-1976

Major Events:

Dawn of the Digital Age
AIDS Epidemic
End of the Cold War
Born 1977 -1990

Major Events:

Challenger Explosion
First Gulf War
9/11 Terrorist Attacks
By 2020, nearly 1/2 of the workforce will be comprised of Generation Y. They will be between the ages of 30 & 43, more and more, they will be influencers in your community, sought after customers and the leaders of your organizations.
5 Tips Employers Can Implement to Narrow the Generational Communication Gap

1. Be aware. Consider your workforce make up and needs over the next several years - even decades - (including costs due to turnover). Do you have multiple generations currently...will you in the near future? The remainder of the tips assume the answer is yes.

2. Be enlightening. Educate your employees, including your managers, regarding the differences amongst the generations and show this as a strength. Diversity of thought and approach makes an organization stronger and more appealing to more people and to more customers. If we all thought the same way, we would never develop new ideas, embrace change and move our organizations forward.

3. Be open. Talk about generational issues in a friendly environment. Let employees share their experiences and viewpoints in a safe atmosphere. Its ok to have these differences - but you need to know how to manage them. Listen to all viewpoints and don't just talk once - engage in frequent discussions about the topic.

4. Be a good example. Model respect and understanding from the top down. Create a flexible cultural environment. For example, if a Generation Y employee works from home on projects that do not require interaction with others, do not downplay the importance of that employee's contribution to the project or the employee. In fact, take the opportunity to highlight how contributions can be made from anywhere.

5. Be creative. Establish multiple incentive programs tailored to your company's various generations. Toss out the idea that one benefit package fits all. For example, an employer may entice a Generation Y employee to increase customer satisfaction by rewarding the employee with free Internet access for a month after a specified number of customers complete an online (favorable) evaluation of the employee. Determine what employees want and reward them with it.
5 Tips Employers Can Implement to Narrow the Generational Communication Gap...
1. Be Aware
2. Be Enlightening
3. Be Open
4. Be a Good Example
5. Be Creative

We will seek first to understand then to be understood.
When it comes to Customer Service
$200 billion in annual
Direct Purchasing Power

$500 billion in annual
Indirect Purchasing Influence
Predictions for Gen Z aka Plurals
Last to see a "caucasian majority", likely to be highly open to diversity.
Least likely to believe in the American Dream.
Sizable percentage is expected to go a non-traditional route for post-secondary education.
65% will work in jobs that don't exist today.
Kenny Rambo - Workforce Solutions & HCC, Inc.
Tried, tested, quality
Testimonials & Referrals
Face to Face, Phone, Letters
Time to Chat
Show the Steps & Work Hard
Under Promise, Over Deliver
Baby Boomers
Help them Win & Succeed
Let them See Your Hardwork
Phone & Email but Formal
Make the part of the Team
Save them Time
Generation X
On Their Terms, in Their Time
Smooth the Process
Websites, Reviews, & Blogs
Help them Research & Educate
Less about the Relationship
Generation Y
Make the Feel Special & Individual
Hold their Hand through the Process
Social Media & Text
Immediate Effect for Instant Gratification
Small Steps
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