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Gabriel Levine

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of Baseball

The Sport Of Baseball
The Purpose Of Baseball
The purpose of the game of baseball is for people all around the world to play a game that (fun fact, the USA no longer produces all the best talent!) is fun and enjoyable for anyone. Kids from the age of 5 to adults well into their 40's can play. In my opinion, it's one of the best sports around!
Baseball's History
Baseball was created in 1839, by a man named Abner Doubleday, in Cooperstown, where the MLB Hall Of Fame is today. There have been so many records, it's so hard to count, but I'll tell you the main ones.

Most home runs: Barry Bonds- 756 (was on steroids)
Innovations to Baseball
Some innovations in baseball range from stadium changes, to name changes, to location changes! Here are some of the main ones.
Impact on the World
Baseball's impact on the world is massive. It is a sport played worldwide. In fact, every 4 years, we have what's called the "World Baseball Classic". The reigning champion is the Dominican Republic.
What I would change
The game of baseball is perfect as it is. I wouldn't lay a hand on it.
Historic Events in Baseball
Here are some historic events that have happened in baseball in the past years.
Greatest Players Of Our Era
By Gabriel Levine
Most hits: Pete Rose- 4,256
Most wins: Cy Young- 511
Highest batting average: Ty Cobb- .367
Most world series wins: New York Yankees- 27
1. Inter league play other than the World Series in 1997.
2. sabermetrics (society of american baseball research) started in 1964.
3. WAR (wins above replacements) not an official stat but people talk about it a lot.
4.OBP (on base percentage) and OPS (on base slugging) both used in sabermetrics.
Here are some of the greatest players of our era.
Clayton Kershaw
Clayton Kershaw is a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. You probably have heard of him. He is no dought one of the most dominant left-handed pitchers ever to play the game. He has won the Cy Young award 3 out of the last 4 years, which is a very big deal.
Bryce Harper
Bryce Harper, at 22 years old, is one of the unstoppable forces in the game right now. With 41 home runs, 95 RBI's, and a .343 AVG, the pitchers really don't want to face him.
Giancarlo Stanton
Giancarlo Stanton, in the off season, signed a $300 million dollar contract extension. This year, he was the big kid in town until, right before the All Star Game, he got hurt and hasn't played the rest of the season. He is hoping to come back strong next year and crush some home runs.
Mike Trout
Mike Trout is and has been for the last 3 years, the biggest phenom in the game of baseball. With 30+ home runs, 100+ RBI's, and a .300+ batting average in the past 3 years, as well as 2 All-Star Game MVP's, and AL MVP in 2014, he is a force NOT to be toyed with.
Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter. He has been my idol all my life. An inspiration to kids all around the world, not just on the field, but off the field. He has acquired the name, "Mr. November", won 6 world series titles with the Yankees, and acquired the slogan, "RE2PECT". He has made such a huge impact on the game of baseball alone. So there you have it. Derek Jeter.
Josh Donaldson
Josh Donaldson has been putting up MVP numbers in 2015. 39 home runs, 120 RBI's, and a .300 AVG. He is in the front running for MVP, no doubt.
Andrew McCutchen
Andrew McCutchen "Cutch", is one of the top tier ball players of this era. He has won 1 gold glove, 3 silver sluggers, and was the 2013 NL MVP. He is a huge threat both at the plate, and in the field.
Buster Posey
Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants, hasn't had his best year this year. But, he has been consistently good for his first 6 years. He has won 1 silver slugger, 2010 rookie of the year, 2012 NL MVP, as well as 3 of the last 5 world series titles.
Jake Arrieta
Jake Arrieta is putting up Cy Young numbers this year. With 20 wins, 220 strikeouts, and a 1.88 ERA, there is no doubt in my mind that he will be one of the front runners for the Cy Young award.
This presentation is about the sport of BASEBALL -
Gabriel Levine
I have always had a dream to become a professional baseball player, ever since I was about 2 years old. I started playing at the age of 3, and have been playing ever since. It's a breath taking experience out in the fresh air, freshly cut grass, smoothed dirt and mound, and chalk on the foul lines, getting ready for the first pitch. Being a southpaw (left-handed pitcher) really helps my chances of making it to the MLB, because teams all around the MLB are looking for left-handed pitchers these days. I'm looking forward to the years to come of hard work and practice so that I can pursue my dream.
Fun fact, I actually keep track of my lifetime stats!

Lifetime AVG: .277
ERA: 2.36
5 home runs (over the fence)
96 RBI's
22 wins and 11 losses
211 strikeouts
Derek Jeter
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