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New Staff Training

SAAS New Staff Training

Jared Pangier

on 22 October 2011

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Transcript of New Staff Training

Welcome to SAAS Learning Services To encourage, support, and empower student-athletes (SA) to achieve their educational, athletic and personal goals

To prepare SA for their future by promoting life-long learning Tutor/Mentor-SA Relationship Professional Relationship
Arrive on Time
Clear Boundaries
Don't Criticize anything UH
Positive Environment
Avoid dependent Relationships
Empower SA Mandatory or by request
Individualized meetings
Study Groups (SI Model)
Content-focused Tutoring One-on-one assistance with:
study/reading strategies
time management
personal learning styles
course review
test preparation
In general: Academic Skills mENTORING An Ideal Tutor/Mentor Is flexible
Is a good role model
Accepts and uses different learning strategies
Asks questions
Does Not “know everything” You are NOT: Responsible for the grades SAs earn
Expected to “save” SAs
Responsible for SAs late work
Expected to meet SAs who don't attend class
To do ANY aspect of a SAs work yourself
To help TOO much
Providing your papers as models
Providing past exams as study guides
Online/take home exams/quizzes Work cooperatively with other tutors and SAAS staff
Share ideas, comments and concerns in a positive manner
Avoid “socializing” with SAs outside of the NAC
Avoid “disruptive socializing” with other tutors while in the NAC
Be honest in reporting tutor hours
Observe the dress code
Attend mandatory tutor meetings addressing study skills Responsibilities Report pressure from student or coach to violate rules of academic honesty
Adhere to NCAA compliance rules
Model and Enforce NAC rules
Contact your SA if you will not be able to attend a tutoring session NO food or drinks in the NAC—eat outside
NO games or inappropriate material online
NO loud conversations or loud study groups. Respect those who are working around you.
Turn your cell phone to vibrate and avoid answering it in the NAC. FERPA Family Education Rights & Privacy Act Academic
Dishonesty Confidentiality of all information in all areas (newspapers, radio, TV, Facebook, blogs, e-mails, texts….)

Breach of confidentiality is grounds for IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL Respect the NAC Compliance Coordinator: Amanda Paterson
Bylaw 16.02.3, “Extra Benefits” …any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a representative of the institution’s athlete’s interests to provide a student-athlete or a student-athlete’s relative or friend a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation. Receipt of a benefit by student-athletes or their relatives or friends is not a violation of NCAA legislation if it is demonstrated that the same benefit is generally available to the institution’s students or their relatives or friends or to a particular segment of the student body (e.g., foreign students, minority students) determined on a basis unrelated to athletics ability. Cheating giving or receiving unauthorized assistance during an examination
obtaining unauthorized information about an examination before it is given
submitting another's work as one's own
using prohibited sources of information during an examination
fabricating or falsifying data in experiments and other research
altering the record of any grade
altering answers after an examination has been submitted
falsifying any official University record
misrepresenting of facts in order to obtain exemptions from course requirements Plagiarism Submitting any work that has been copied from another individual's work without giving credit
neglecting to identify as a quotation another's idea and particular phrasing that was not assimilated into the student's language and style or paraphrasing a passage so that the reader is misled as to the source
submitting the same written or oral or artistic material in more than one course without obtaining authorization from the instructors involved
"drylabbing," which includes obtaining and using experimental data and laboratory write-ups from other sections of a course or from previous terms NCAA & Policy
Quiz Violations Student-athlete ineligible
No post-season play
Tutors, Coordinators, Programs put on probation or terminated Student and tutor will receive email with contact information from saas@hawaii.edu
Instructions will be in the email RE who should contact who
If no arrangement has been made within a week, then the tutor needs to contact a LSC.
Decide on a meeting place e.g. On the couch by the front desk Forms Filling Out Your Timesheet Tour the NAC Immediately after session
Late submissions could jeopardize your pay
Turn in forms to appropriate box
Tutoring: advisor of student-athlete
Mentoring: Courtney The Manual You are required to read and understand all aspects of the manual, if anything is unclear it is your responsibility to ask
The manual is located here: http://www.advising.hawaii.edu/saas/academicServices/Fall2010_Tutorial_Handbook.pdf During the first 90 days of employment you may be released/terminated without cause
The students/groups/sports/subjects that you begin with may be reassigned due to changes in the program, personal differences, or other problems. Non-compliance with policies and procedures discussed in this training, stated in the Tutor Manual, and Tutor Contract will be grounds for immediate dismissal. There is no warning period. PLEASE ask questions if you are unsure at any time.
If you are charged with academic dishonesty, you may not be paid for disputed hours
Your position is not guaranteed each semester, it must be renewed by the LSCs End of Semester Evaluations Students evaluate Tutors
Tutors evaluate Program
SAAS staff evaluate Tutors (may be informally) Last Notes WE CANNOT GUARANTEE HOURS
Attend mandatory tutor meetings
Tutoring sessions should be conducted in the NAC.
Tutoring outside of the NAC must receive PRIOR written approval from a LSC.
DO NOT contact faculty on behalf of, or with a SA.
All prep work must be approved in advance Mentor S A A S P O L I C I E S & P R O C E D U R E S
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