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Nothing But The Truth

No description

emily ep

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Nothing But The Truth

Nothing But The Truth
Quote 1
Quote 2

(What Philip said to his mother)

Page 190.) "I told you. I am not going to school. Not that school."

Philip is always thinking of himself, not caring about what is more convienent for others, only viewing life from his perspective.

(Allison Doresett questions what happened in Philip's homeroom)

Page 143.) "But then he suddenly makes some remark, a joke or something." (Allison Doresett)

Philip is showing off, and trying to mold himself into the class clown to impress a girl, unknowing, he is hurting others with his actions.
Page 136) ''Philip Malloy caused a disturbance in his homeroom class, by singing the national anthem in a loud, raucous, disrespectful manner."

Philip was not standing in respectful silence, as his whole homeroom class preferred that he would.
Page 178.) "To get my grade up- I was going to ask for some extra work so I could get on the track team- and..."

This shows that Philip isn't wise enough to plan ahead and he doesn't care about Miss. Narwin's feelings. Philip cannot comprehend how he soiled Miss. Narwin's clean record and reputation.
Philip Malloy
(Main character)
Philip Malloy in "Nothing but the truth" by Avi, was a teenage boy (9th grade) who learned that lying has it's consequences, all of which are extremely unpleasant.
Philip Malloy has a variety of traits, those including arrogant, disrespectful, and self-centered. He demonstrates these by his behavior throughout the book, progressively worsening.

Conversation about Philip Malloy's suspension
Page 120.) "Dad keeps telling me how great I am. Maybe they'll kick Miss. Narwin out. Wonder if she even saw it. Her fault. Not mine."

Philip's diary entry shows how he thinks of himself, (up high on a pedestal) and how he thinks of Miss. Narwin. (Negatively)
Page 18.) "A book that takes so much time about a dog is pretty dumb. The book itself is a dog."

Philip's rude remark shows that he doesn't care about Miss. Narwin's feelings, or the seriousness of the test.
(After Philip found out Allison liked him)

Page 7.) "Bet she heard about my running too. Girls go for the guys who win. Ta-Da! It's Malloy magic time!"

Philip is bragging about how popular and cool he thinks he is. He is also gloating and making unfair inferences about himself.

Philip is arrogant because he has a poor moral compass. He does not know when to apologize, or even decide if he has made a bad decision.
The lesson learned in "Nothing but the truth" can teach how fibbing has a snowball effect on you, and everyone around you involved. It could avalanche into an unforgiving blizzard of little white lies that have accumulated over time. No matter who the person is, or how they seem, anyone can change. For better or for worse. Some are masters at persuading people to change their minds, and make them believe anything they read, even if it is untruthful.
Page 53) "Anyway, I got this Miss. Narwin. She's a real witch."

Philip doesn't realize that his words can harm other people, and his choice in language is vulgar and offensive.
Page 110.) "It was just that he - Philip - was acting out in class. Look, Gert, he did it twice this week."

Philip does not respect authority. (Listening to his teachers and his elders.) Cannot foresee results of his mischievous actions.
Philip's conversation with Ken Barchet
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